Football Game Watching Essentials

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YES! It’s football time! I have a household full of football fans. From watching a game together to throwing a ball around, my girls love spending time with Pete and enjoying football season.  I’ve partnered with CVS to share our football game watching essentials.


It’s Sunday morning. Emmy comes running into our bedroom before the sun even starts to come up, and she is chanting “football” “football” “football”! This happens almost every Sunday during football season. She gets her love of football from Pete and Maddie. They have been watching football together since Maddie was a baby, and Emmy loved the tradition and joined them when she too was really little. 

Over the years our football watching has evolved from huge parties that I spent hours to plan, to more of an active time with some snacks for everyone to enjoy. As soon as it is party time, Pete and the girls head outside and start throwing the ball around. During this time, I grab all the snacks and some bottles of water and I put it all on the table with some football plates and napkins. By the time they get back into the house, everything is ready to go!


Most Sundays, I already have everything on hand for them to enjoy while watching the game, because I stock up on the essentials whenever I’m in CVS. When I am picking out what to buy, I go with everyone’s favorites, and then I add in a couple new things I find. I am always finding new things at CVS. Ash loves the Baked Rice Crisps, Emmy can’t get enough of the Jalapeno Cheddar Quinoa Puffs ,and Maddie is all about the Heavenly Light Popcorn. Pete and I graze on it all or we enjoy the new finds I bring home.


I love that I can find healthy alternatives to the traditional Game Day Snacks. We all are aware of what we are putting in our bodies and we want to be in the best health possible.  I really like that CVS has options for us to eat healthier while still enjoying snacks that feel more like treats.  For instance, the Gold Emblem abound line, exclusively available at CVS Pharmacy, provides a bunch of great-tasting healthier snacking alternatives.  From trail mixes and nuts, which are a staple at football gatherings, to gluten free rice based crackers and crisps that pair really well with game day dips, Gold Emblem abound has plenty of healthier munchies that are perfect for any football party.


Aside from keeping the snacks on hand, I also keep festive plates and napkins available for football watching time. I love a good party with full decorations, but sometimes there just isn’t time for all of that. Having plates and napkins that are geared for the party theme still makes it feel like a real celebration. And really, as long as there is good food, good company and a good game on, my family is happy!


When you are shopping for your healthier game day snacks at CVS, don’t forget to check your receipt for ExtraBucks® Rewards. 

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It is the easiest program to use and I love that I can use it here at home or when we are traveling to other parts of the country. I have been known to stock up on snacks at CVS all over the country. Including a later night run to CVS in Florida when I just had to have some pretzels and potato chips! Thankfully Pete was there to capture the moment. There were other places I could have shopped, but I love knowing that I will find exactly what I need at every CVS I go to and that I can use my CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare program.

Do you have a family of football fans in your home too?

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