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Flying Hawaiian Airlines Economy With Kids

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I was sitting on a plane a couple months ago thinking about going to Hawaii.

I imagined the warm air and the beautiful blue waters that I remembered when I visited years earlier. I also imagined starting the vacation “feel” before we even got to the island. But really how do you do that? I learned quickly that when you fly with Hawaiian Airlines, you will be on Aloha time way before you even step foot on an island. We were so happy to be partnering with them to bring you this post.

Also, this smiling lady above really does greet guests as they begin their Hawaiian vacation at the San Diego Airport. I had multiple people see my picture and comment that they love seeing her as they start their adventure to Hawaii too!


Our flight left bright and early.  It is a good thing that we arrived at the airport as early as we did, because Hawaiian Airlines boards nearly an hour before take off. I’m used to boarding 30 minutes before so this was a nice twist. I think it’s always better to get on the plane as early as possible, especially with kids. Mine are all seasoned travelers and they love to fly, but it is still nice to be able to get settled in before the flight.


Our flight from San Diego to Honolulu was on the Airbus A330 which has a 2/4/2 setup. The girls and I had the four across and Pete sat in an aisle seat ahead of us. 20160312_095512

We were all really impressed with the space in the seats. Plenty of room and the seats are really comfortable. This was in the economy class, so I can only imagine how great the seats are in their Extra Comfort section. We plan to try those next time!

Emmy reviews the safety information on every single plane… and she really reads over every single thing on there. We’ve tested her knowledge!


A little while after take off they served a drink and a snack. The snack is their special Pau Hana Snack Mix and the drink is POG (Passion, Orange, and Guava fruit mix). It was refreshing and delicious!  


Emmy loved snack time. It’s served just at the right time for kids. For us, the first hour and the last hour of our flights seem to be the hardest for the kids. They are getting comfortable knowing that they are going to be on the plane for awhile in the beginning, and then that last hour they know that the plane ride is almost over.  So, this is a great little break to start the adventure.


Would you believe it that the older girls fell asleep after the snack? Seriously! 

But they were wide awake for meal time. One of the wonderful things that Hawaiian Airlines does is that they offer a complimentary meal to all classes of passengers. And it was a really good meal too!

20160312_125447 (1)

We got really lucky that the lunch that day was vegetarian. Lunch consisted of a salad with dressing, Hawaiian cookie, water container, and baked pasta. It’s harder to make food taste good when you are 40,000 feet up in the air, but this really did taste good.

20160312_125639 20160312_125644


Hawaiian Airlines has a great variety of entertainment on their planes. On the way over, I listened to complimentary music, watched shows about the airline and the islands, and just relaxed. Pete, and Maddie each paid to watch movies while Ashley paid $7.99 to watch recorded TV shows and classic movies. Emmy didn’t want to get off the plane because we bought the Keiki Pack which costs $5.99 for unlimited access to kids movies, shows, and games.  She thought it was the best thing ever to watch some of her favorite shows while being served snacks and food right to her seat.

If you are like me, and you like to follow along on the flight, you will be happy to know that they also offer a live map.


Before we knew it we were landing in Honolulu. The plane took off on time and arrived a few minutes early too.


After a joyous week in paradise it was time for us to head back home. Normally Emmy is devastated at this point, but this time she had really been looking forward to the flight home. She played some music on her ukulele and then we headed back to the airport.


We arrived early to watch our plane land and pull up to the gate.

The Hawaiian Airlines terminal in Honolulu is a busy one.  I normally recommend that you arrive two hours early for flights that are not international, but this time we arrived three hours early and it worked out really well. 

20160319_115632 20160319_115727 20160312_145053
One thing I didn’t use on the other flight, but did on this flight, was the charger that each seat has next to their touch screen entertainment screen. It kept me all charged up for the entire flight.

We boarded about a minute before everyone else so that I could take pictures, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough time to be able to take out my “big” camera and get better quality pictures. I think these still show how fun it was to fly Hawaiian Airlines. 


Here is a look at the seat configuration… and see that sunlight streaming in, that is there on purpose. Each of the flights we were on, Hawaiian Airlines had the curtains raised so you could see the view from your seat of the water below on take off and landing. It wasn’t great for pictures, but I was still happy.

Let’s talk about the crew. They really treat you like family and go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Everyone on our plane was great and so friendly. Plus, look at those outfits they wear! The ladies even had flowers in their hair! Emmy wanted to know if she could buy one of their shirts to wear at home…


On this flight, the girls had the middle row and Pete and I sat arms reach away in  window seats.

20160319_134058 20160319_134155 20160319_134304

This is another little trick I learned. We have Pete board first followed by all of us. He loads the carry-ons while the girls get buckled in. There is nothing as frustrating as the hold up from people not being able to get in their seats quickly, and with this plan, we are all ready to go in minutes. We also make sure that our tags are all sticking out.  We load our bags wheels in and we use matching bright green tags. This has saved our luggage from accidentally being taken over and over again. People see a black bag and assume it’s theirs. I can tell from pretty far away if it’s ours.


The paid entertainment options are great, but I was in love with watching the complimentary ones about the islands…so beautiful. I don’t normally get to just watch TV. Since the Hawaiian Airlines planes don’t have wifi, it was actually a nice break from working for me.


Snack time again! Also there are 2 other beverage services during the flight for 3 total. One right after take off, another before dinner, and then one after dinner where they serve Kona coffee too!


Along with your complimentary meal, they also offer everyone 21 years and older a glass of wine!


Dinner was a sweet and sour chicken dish so we just ate the salad, the rice, and the cookie. It was still nice to have a fresh meal.

20160319_160733 20160319_160848 20160319_160851

Here is a video recap of our Hawaiian Airlines Flights:

Flying Hawaiian Airlines With Kids

We had a great flight with kids on Hawaiian Airlines and would definitely recommend them to others traveling with or without kids. 

Do you fly with kids often?

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