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Florida Vacation The VIP Treatment at Trump International Beach Resort Miami

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sunrise hollywood florida

Day five in Florida started off with the most amazing sunrise ever.

I was busy typing away on my computer when Maddie came bursting into our room looking for my camera to capture it. I’m so glad she did! 

hollywood family resorts florida

Once Pete and Ashley were back from CrossFit, and we were all ready for the day, Pete and I headed to the adult pool area. We were checking out of Margaritaville soon after, so we wanted to get a better look at this area before we left. The pool up there with the ocean view in the background is really something to see!

hollywood fl beach

We didn’t stay long since we had promised Emmy and Ash that we would go to the beach for a bit too!

margaritaville florida beach

Every room at the resort comes with two lounge chairs and an umbrella, and Em had no problem taking advantage of it. You just walk up to to the beach and an attendant sets you all up.

beach time

Of course, that didn’t last long and she was up and going again!


We hurried back to the room and packed up. Of course, Em stopped for some fruit infused water as we checked out. This is totally her “thing”. She loves welcome water and have some whenever we are coming or going. If you really want to thrill her offer her, some punch and a cold towel… she will probably start dancing right there in the lobby.


Our Florida tour took us to our next stop, travel partner, Trump International Beach Resort Miami in Sunny Isles. It far surpassed my expectations, and they were already sky high! I can’t even count how many times I have heard about this resort over the years. It is pretty much a Miami luxury family resort mecca. Known for their luxury accommodations and unparalleled service, they cater to families, and it is evident every moment you are here.


Knowing that their guests are traveling far with little ones, they make check in so easy. We were quickly on our way up to our two bedroom suite. Here is a quick peek at the girls’ bedroom… and that view above is right from our bedroom!

trump miami kids suite

Trump International Beach Resort is known for their personalized service. It’s not uncommon for them to make special surprises for their guests celebrating special occasions. We are aren’t celebrating anything on this trip, but this didn’t stop them from arranging for some wonderful welcome gifts personalized for each of us. 

Trump International Beach Resort really offers a VIP experience and this was just the beginning of ours.

vip at trump miami

Here are the girls trying on some of their gifts. The attention to details is remarkable. The girls all got a bottle of sunblock which is something that is always needed.  This went perfectly with their beach bags of fun. But, they didn’t just give them all the same things, they actually crafted a really special collection of surprises for the girls… and Emmy’s sunblock was had picked for her sensitive skin. They know their guests and they know how to make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

kids at trump miami

We are often treated to some really fun experiences, but one thing that the girls have never grown tired of is room service. As they were opening their gifts, there was a knock at the door… and placed right outside our door was a tray full of fresh fruit, handmade desserts and sandwiches, that were all vegan. The chefs here are not classically trained vegan chefs… but they all go above and beyond and throughout our stay they have impressed us with their creativity in making some very impressive meals.

room service joy

The only thing that could compare to this meal was having this view to eat it with!20160513_160144


After lunch, we toured the resort. We saw the two pools and we gazed upon the beach. The clouds were high and they created a soft shadow that made the colors of the waters bounce from bright blue to deep blue and an aqua green too!

Em wanted to jump right into this pool!


The grounds are impeccable and have a very Miami/tropical flare!

trump miami pools

We are so excited to play in their pools tomorrow!

Dinner was served at Neomi’s where we dined on a full vegan meal. They don’t have a standard vegan menu, but go above and beyond to accommodate dietary restrictions. That is actually putting it lightly… I asked them more about how they make guests with different dietary needs feel welcome on their property, and their answers blew me away.

Normally when we tell a restaurant that Maddie and I are vegan, a couple things happen. The first thing is that they question exactly why we are vegan. They want to know if there are allergies, or if it is just a lifestyle choice. For me it is allergies and sensitivities and a choice not to consume any animal products. That conversation always leaves me frustrated and sets the mood for the meal. Here they came right out and said that they don’t ask. If you tell them you are gluten free (or whatever dietary restriction you have) they assume you can’t have gluten regardless of the reason. It it that level of care that sets Trump International apart.

The second  thing that amazed us is that we weren’t served rice and steamed vegetables. Don’t get me wrong, we actually love rice and veggies, but to be served a full meal that we all could eat was a perfect example of the VIP luxury treatment at Trump Miami. 


They even noted that we don’t regularly drink alcohol (especially not the kids ha!) and had non-alcoholic margaritas waiting for us. I can’t even tell you all how delicious they were. There were mango margaritas with Tajin along the rim that was so out of the world amazing. Served on the rocks with the perfect amount of sweet, salty, and spicy that balanced out all the flavors. I could have had 5! Totally not kidding.

The other margarita was a watermelon with mint accent. So refreshing! 


Our meal started with table side guacamole! 


We ate every last bite of it!


Followed by stuffed squash flowers, I hadn’t had these since becoming vegan.  It was such a pleasure to experience them again. They were the perfect mix of flavors!


Our main course was these vegan tacos with house made corn tortillas. I loved how they kept the Miami flavors flowing with the eclectic use of all the different cultures represented in this meal….especially these tacos. All of the food we enjoyed at Trump Miami was what you would expect from a resort of this caliber. I totally understand why it’s a favorite among locals on date night and out of town guests. It is just that good!

20160513_202851 (1)

Really, we could have stopped right here and walked away having had an amazing meal and evening, but of course the chef didn’t stop there. He also wowed us with a creative dessert! 


We had banana cake with coconut sorbet and fresh strawberry tarts. These were both fantastic and you could taste every ingredient in them. They all played an integral part of the dining experience, and I am already desperate to have another mango margarita and strawberry tart. Actually, I’m ready to have all of this again. 


Here is our day 5 video!

What a great start to a wonderfully luxurious stay at Trump International Beach Resort, Sunny Isles Miami! 

Have you been to Miami?

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Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • A hotel is measured by the quality of their rooms and their customer service. This is really amazing, I love that they are very invested in their guests and the small gestures that they do definitely make your stay a lot better.

  • Wow! I love the rooms. I am sometimes a little wary of Florida/Miami beachy decor but the girl’s room is fantastic. And what a view. I am impressed with the personal care they provided to your family. And holy guacamole, that looks delicious. What a great trip!

  • I have actually never visited Florida, not sure why, my business travels never took me out there and I use my personal travel time for international travels, someday I will have to get out there. There is always ‘retirement’ right? LOL

    Looks like your family had a blast out there!

  • I will definitely keep this in mind if I ever make it to Miami. It sounds amazing.

  • Omg what a fabulous resort!!! I will have to keep Trump in mind next time I am in south FL 🙂

  • This looks like a great time…AND THE FOOD!!!! Florida is a great place to vacation, I understand why so many people move there lol 🙂

  • This looks so beautiful! I love Florida, but I haven’t been in so long. I forgot how beautiful of a place it really is! It reminds me a lot of my home in Hawaii!

  • I am extremely impressed and jealous! I have been thinking about sneaking away on a mom-cation and I may have to consider the Trump International Beach Resort!

  • It looks like you had a great time. Your pictures make me want to run away on vacation. I will be going to Florida soon but I am visiting family. So no room service for me which is too bad because like your girls I do enjoy it.

  • Wow I’m pinning this, I’m vegan and this sounds like the perfect hotel to vacation!

  • Our 6 year old really wants to go back to Miami. We left from our Carnival Cruise from there and it really intrigued him.
    Would definitely consider staying here!

  • The tiniest detail and investment the hotel puts into looking after their guests and making sure all is well is how I measure a hotel by and makes all the difference in the world

  • What’s the number of the suite you stayed in? We are heading to Miami in dec 2017.
    And is the miami trolley near the hotel?

    • Hi Otis! We stayed in room 2409S, a Two Bedroom Suite Oceanfront. We didn’t use the trolley so I’m not sure on the other question.

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