Five Things To Do With Kids In Las Vegas

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You might not think of Las Vegas as a place to take your family on vacation, but after seeing these reasons, you will want to book a trip to Vegas and bring your kids too!

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Yesterday marked the 6th year in a row that we’ve visited Las Vegas with the kids.

We always go in July and we always pack our schedules with tons of fun things to do. From new culinary adventures to pool time, plus a sprinkling of museum learning we always have a really good time.

These are our favorite things to do with kids in Las Vegas.

  1. Experience a new cuisine. There are so many different types of food and cultures represented in Las Vegas. From Chinese to Indian food and beyond. Pick a new type to try!
  2. See a show. Do you and your little ones love music? Or maybe it’s all about human acrobatics? There is a show for everyone. Pete and Maddie love music and high energy performances while Ashley and the Little one love the shows featuring cats and dogs so we often split up and we each see our favorite type. There are so many shows in Vegas and they are often adding new ones.
  3. Go swimming. Plan to swim in the pool each morning. We try to get there just as it opens and we stay for about an hour. Vegas has some great pools, including wave pools, and it’s fun just to spend some days relaxing by one. It can get warm in the summer so that is why we go first thing in the morning.
  4. Go shopping. The girls love to shop and there is some very good shopping to be found in Las Vegas. From beautiful malls to discounted outlet malls… there are a lot of shopping opportunities.
  5. Check out some dry land and water animals. There are aquariums and other animal viewing facilities in Las Vegas. See them all! They are fun for everyone in the family.
  6. Visit a Museum. There are a lot of them in Las Vegas along with exhibits that pop up all the time. We’ve seen world class photographer exhibits, the Titanic exhibit, museums about the early history of Vegas and the Mob, space exploration and area 51, just to name a few. Plus Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon are not too far away.


Another thing we always do it stop at CVS once we get into town.

We like to have some healthy snacks available in our room for the girls to snack on whenever they get hungry. We love to try new foods on vacations, but we don’t like to over do it and having healthy choices available in the room really helps.


It feels like there is a CVS everywhere, including on the strip… and they are building another new one right now on the other end, so it’s easy to stock up wherever you are staying!

cvs summer snacks

I bought the Organic Cranberry Juice, Pete picked the almonds, Ashley the trail mix, Maddie the baked rice crisps and the little one is in love with the 8-grain wheat crackers!

hotel snacks

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What are your favorite vacation tips.

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  • I wonder if anyone else will be as surprised as I was that there are family friendly activities in Vegas. I though it was strictly for adults.

  • Before now, I never thought of Vegas as a family friendly destination. Now, I think it might be great to take the kids there and see some of the family sites.

  • CVS is super convenient…you can always rely on them to be close by AND open! I wouldn’t have even thought of one in Vegas, especially on the strip, though. Very cool!

  • My tip is to let the kids help plan vacations. Our girls are 11 and the last two vacations I have let them help and they have found such unique things!

  • I’ve never been to Vegas but it looks like there is more to do there than I thought. I had always imagined it as an adult only place but if we ever plan a trip, we’ll take the kids!

  • I’ve never brought the kids to Las Vegas before but it sounds great. I’ve only been there a few times for blogging events.

  • Great to know! I’ve always wanted to head to Vegas but we have so many kids we were waiting! May not have to at least not as long as we’d thought!

  • I recently learned that Vegas is actually a decent place to bring kids. I must have my kids experience that later in years!

  • I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times. I had no idea there was family friendly anything there other than magic shows.

  • Wow! I’ve never thought of Vegas as family friendly. I also didn’t know about the healthy organic snacks at CVS. Awesome!

  • I need to pick up some of that organic cranberry juice. I have had a hard time finding organic cranberry juice elsewhere.

  • I am a born and bred Vegas girl and feel blessed to be raising my own family here. I truly love this city. There are so many family friendly things to do, including plenty that do not involve the strip or casinos.

  • When we go on vacation, one of my first stops is usually CVS because I forgot to pack something. And stocking up on snacks is so important when vacationing.

  • Glad you got to have fun in Vegas. I always checked with UNLV on Maryland Pkwy to see if any great free exhibits were happening. Snacks and beverages are important no matter where the family goes.

  • Who knew there was so much fun for kids? I sure didn’t… lol… but now I know 🙂 I haven’t seen those products at CVS, but will be keeping my eyes opened for them 🙂

  • Vegas is so family friendly!! Next time you will have to take them to a show at the Smith center or Discovery Museum!!

  • We have friends in Las Vegas! It would be a blast to visit and go do some fun things with them down their. Definitely have to check out the food!

  • I never thought about taking my kids to Las Vegas. Thanks for the list of 5 things to do with kids in Las Vegas. I think I may plan a trip for us.

  • I like CVS for snacks. I have been to Vegas too, but not with the kids. I have so many other places I still want to see though, that we probably won’t go again. So many places, so little time. 🙂

  • Sounds like there are a ton of things to do with kids in Vegas. Cvs is a great store. I would love to have some Organic Cranberry Juice right now.

  • Las Vegas seems like such a neat place. I am glad to see they have plenty for kids to do too! I’d love to visit one day, although I’m all the way on the east coast.

  • I’ve always liked the snacks at CVS when we go traveling, since they took all of them away in my neck of the woods. As for Vegas, the variety of shows is amazing. We have to go again soon.

  • So convenient that you were able to stock up on snacks at CVS! Looks like you had an amazing time in Vegas with your family!

  • LOL…there IS a CVS everywhere out here! I totally love Vegas and sadly we haven’t gone in so long. It’s way past time to take the fam

  • We actually don’t have a CVS near us but always see them when traveling. I think it’s fun to see normal places like CVS in big places like NYC or Las Vegas!

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