Five Seriously Awesome Baby Shower Gifts

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For the past 7 years, some very close family members have been hoping to grow their family from just the two of them, to a family of three or more! Seven years of dreaming of a son or daughter of their own… and it’s finally come true! I was beyond excited when I heard the news and after I squealed the most ridiculously loud sound I’ve ever made, I then said… I’m buying you a diaper genie. Doesn’t everyone get all excited and then get all practical? Maybe it’s just me? Months later we are still laughing at my outburst and o course I’m totally getting them one!

When our first two were little (12 and 14 years ago) we didn’t have a Diaper Genie and then when the little one joined our family 4 years ago someone gave me a Diaper Genie and I don’t know how we lived without one with the first two! It’s one of my favorite baby items now and it’s my go-to baby gift item!

Since this is such a long awaited baby I wanted to go all out with the baby gift!

I’m totally getting them the Diaper Genie, but I’m going all out celebrating this little guy! Baby shower registries are great and all… but I like to give gifts that are extra awesome.

These are my 5 favorite -super awesome- baby shower gift ideas!

diaper genie

1. Think Practically.

I’ve been known to gift cases of items that are not fun to buy, you know diapers and wipes. Little baby clothes are cute and all, but after weeks of no sleep I think one of the best gifts is knowing that you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to because you have a couple months supplies of the necessities!


2. Books.

Books are especially awesome if it’s their first child. I love to buy a huge basket of childhood favorites to start off the new baby’s library. My little ones always loved to hear stories when they were pretty young. If I hadn’t been gifted a few books I wouldn’t have started to read to them as early as I did because I wouldn’t have even thought to go buy books for them when they were itty bitty babies!


 3. Some new friends.

Bringing your baby home to a nursery filled with smiling friends {aka. stuffed animals} is always fun! I love giving an arm-full or two of the softest stuffed animal I can find! Some of my little one’s favorite friends were ones she got before she was even born. Just make sure that you only get stuffed animals that are baby safe.

4. Pacifiers.

If they plan to use a pacifier find out which kind and buy 50! I’m totally not kidding. They might not get how awesome of a gift that this is right away, but they will think it’s the best gift ever when 2 am rolls around and the baby looses their pacifier and is screaming their lungs off. They will be so thankful that they don’t have to crawl around in the dark desperately trying to find it. They can just go and grab another one from their supply!

5. Food, a housekeeper or spa services.

This is a big one but also one of the coolest gifts you can get a new parent. A gift certificate for food delivery, a day of housekeeping or some relaxation at the spa before or after the baby is born is something that will not soon be forgotten.

These are definitely different than the traditional baby shower gifts, but that is what makes them so awesome!

Let everyone else get the cute outfits and go for something that they will remember! As for me and my impending new family member, I will be buying them a Diaper Genie and stocking them up on Diaper Genie refills… but I also see 10 teddy bears and a huge basket of our favorite children’s books in their future and I couldn’t be more excited!

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What is your go to Baby Shower gift?

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  • I love baby showers. It’s so fun to see what is trendy each year. I didn’t have a Diaper Genie with my son, but I’d love one for my next baby.

  • I just attended a baby shower couple weeks ago 🙂 I gave her onesies and some outfits. She now gave birth to a bouncing baby girl weigh 8 pounds 9 ounces 🙂 These are very nice gift ideas as well 🙂

  • Great gift ideas. I usually buy books, onesies and blankets. If they are registered I follow what they want and always buy one or two must have items.

  • #5, #5, #5, #5, #5… I LOVE #5! All of the material baby/kid items can be purchased at any time, but what a new mom really needs, right now, is help!!! You hit that one right on the head! Great tips!

  • I would have loved to receive gifts like that for a baby shower. Great choices.

    • Aj, I really should have mentioned that anyone of free to purchase that for me too… and a personal chef too… baby or not, I need some help!

  • I like to give a package of size 2 Luvs (my favorite diaper that I wish I’d tried much earlier), foam bath letters (my kids have been playing with these for seven years) and Huggies baby wipes. And a gift receipt.

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