5 Tips To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

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Each year I make a goal for the year.

Some people call them New Year’s Resolutions but I call them goals. That little change in name really helps me to succeed with my goals. This year’s goal is to be healthier. That means making better food choices, drinking more water and to get moving more. I’m going to be using the tips I learned when I accomplished last year’s goals to accomplish this year’s and I’m so excited to share them with you all!

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These Five (EASY) tips can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions too!.

1. Write it down. Decide on a goal and write it down. Place reminders of your goals on your desk, on your phone and everywhere else you look often. The reminder to stay on track is sometimes all you need to help you make better decisions.

2. Plan ahead. This is a huge reason most people don’t keep their resolutions. Life happens and either a lack of time or energy makes us revert to our old habits. I’ve started including Progresso™ Light soup as a part of my healthier lunch and dinner so I am making time on Sunday nights to buy enough soup to include with my lunches and dinners for the week. Just this little bit of planning keeps me on track because I know I have everything I need to make my goal.

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3. Don’t do it alone. Join others and create a goal club. You’ve heard of book clubs right? Start a goal club! You can meet online once a week or in person and discuss your challenges and successes! Support is key to meeting your goals. You can support yourself too if you don’t have others to join you. Set a time each week to go over the past week and think of ways to do better or celebrate your victories!

4. Write out a plan. A goal or resolution is only as good as the plan to meet it. Write out all the steps it will take to meet your goal. Start with the basics and go from there. For me, I broke it down by eating healthier (buy healthier foods, meal plan, remember to take healthier foods with me when I leave my house), move more (take short walks multiple times a day and schedule bigger workouts throughout the week and always have a bottle of water with me.

5. Make it fun. There is always a way to make meeting your goals more fun than work. For me it was always having my favorite Progresso™ Light soup on hand to make my meals more exciting. I also set rewards for smaller goals within my New Year’s resolution. When I hit 10 days straight of eating better and moving more I’ll be buying myself a couple new books I’ve been wanting to read. That totally keeps me motivated to stick with my plans to meet my goals.

Including Progresso™ Light soups in my meals is definitely helping me stick to my resolutions this new year! Try adding soup to your lunch and dinner and see how much easier it is to stick to your resolutions too! 

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

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