Family Movie Night With Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

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We are huge Disney fans around here. Today we are celebrating the upcoming release of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty with this sponsored post partnership.


I live with three princesses so it’s not a surprise that we have quite a few dress up parties at our house.

We celebrate each new release of Disney movies with a family movie night. The girls all love our movie nights. I do too. We normally get pajamas on, well the older two and I do, the little one picks a Disney Princess dress to wear instead of pajamas. Can’t blame her, everything is more fun in a princess dress. #SleepingBeauty all the way!


I’m so excited for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition release on October 7th on Blu-ray™ and Digital HD.

There are going to be so many happy kiddos {and parents} enjoying a beloved movie that night! We have a special case just for Disney Movies. We even take them with us when we travel to enjoy on the road! The powerful message that you should never stop dreaming and that dreams really do come true is something that I tell each of my daughters daily. And it’s something that I truly believe in. There are so many moments in life that just dreaming about something starts the process towards it coming true.

When the girls got home from school I shouted “Movie Night” and they all knew what to do!

In anticipation of the upcoming release, we pulled out our original DVD and we had berries with whipped cream and tea poured by a princess herself. I loved watching Disney’s Sleeping Beauty with my family… in fact, we watched it twice that night! I love that it encourages my kids to follow their dreams. It’s a fairy tale about love and we are all about love around here.

Watching this movie brought back such happy memories of my childhood and it was such a wonderful experience to share it with my own children! It really is Disney’s Ultimate Fairy Tale and I can’t wait to see it on Digital HD!


sleeping beauty

When we watch Disney’s illustrious Sleeping Beauty I know that we are creating memories that will last a lifetime. This is definitely a must-own for every family’s classic Disney movie collection!

It all starts with a dream… never stop dreaming!

movie night

To get your own copy of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty order now. And be sure to learn more by visiting the Sleeping Beauty Facebook Page.

What is your favorite Disney movie?


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