Family Meetings: Back To School Edition

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Back to school time is almost here… like right around the corner!

Can you believe it? The summer flew by and I think it was the quickest summer ever! The girls all have different school start dates so I’m working with a strange calendar consisting of… Maddie needs this, by this date, Ashley by this date, and little Em weeks later. It started to get a bit overwhelming so I decided it was time to call a special “Back To School” family meeting.

My five year old even started the meeting with her clipboard with “What do I need for school?” written on it.

The girls really like family meetings, but I still had to entice them to join this one because it’s still summer, and the last thing they really want to do was to talk about school until they absolutely have to.

Thankfully I had some of our favorite TruMoo Chocolate… which worked perfectly to get them all to sit down, and organize “all things back to school”!

Now that we’ve had our first back to school meeting we have decided to make it a yearly tradition. 

In less than an hour we planned and organized everything for the coming school year, and we have a list of everything we need to do and get.

If you want to have your own back to school meeting, I have a checklist for you and your family to use:

First, add all school start dates to your calendar. Ask all family members for other important dates and add those too!

Second, plan what clothes you need to buy. Have each child write a list of what clothes they need for the new school year. We started with 7 new outfits from undergarments to socks. Don’t forget new shoes.

Next, plan what school supplies you need. Make a complete lists and then buy two of each. That way if you need to replace anything you can do so seamlessly during the year.

After that, make lists of everyone’s favorite breakfast and lunch foods. This will make shopping and preparing meals so much easier during the year. Plus it can also be used as a “ready to go” shopping list. 

Don’t forget to discuss their school year goals. Some examples are straight A’s, reading extra books, helping the teacher etc. (Be sure to set up additional meeting to discuss the progress on these goals.)

Lastly, give everyone a chance to talk about anything that is making them nervous or excited, and allow everyone to give each other tips and encouragement too!

TruMoo makes the back to school planning go so much smoother! Everyone was excited to enjoy their TruMoo while we did all of our planning.

I poured everyone a tall glass of TruMoo and they sipped it as we planned. Since it’s still really warm out we drank it ice cold… but Emmy told me she can’t wait till it’s hot chocolate time again. I love to warm it up and drop in a couple marshmallows in! 

TruMoo is our favorite because it has no high fructose syrup and their farmers pledge “no artificial growth hormones”. Plus it provides 8 essential nutrients that kids need. It’s also delicious and we just love the taste! For product information and availability, visit TruMoo online. You can also Find TruMoo Recipe inspiration on Pinterest. for even more ways to use TruMoo, and be sure to Join the TruMoo community on Facebook.

How do you plan for back to school time?

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