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Family Travel Guide To Williamsburg Virginia

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During our East Coast adventure to the Greater Williamsburg area, we had the pleasure of driving one of my favorite vehicles from partner Kia, the Kia Sedona.

I have had many different cars, especially since having children, and this one has all the bells and whistles I need and expect from a luxury vehicle all inside a minivan. Oh, and for a much more reasonable price. Pete and I drove our first Kia a few years ago when we spent the weekend in Carmel and ever since, we have been huge supporters. Before that we didn’t realize how wonderful the vehicles that Kia makes really are.

driver experience kia sedona

The 2016 Sedona is premium comfort with the power to transform. Aggressive and refined, it’s your getaway vehicle and lounge on the go. The Sedona is comfort for everyone, fitted with high-tech gadgets, like the Smart Power Liftgate, and available second-row First-Class Lounge Seating. From the spacious driver cockpit to the versatile Slide-N-Stow® seats, the Sedona is intuitive control and flexibility that keeps pace with you.

kia sedona review

Seriously we loved the Sedona! Emmy couldn’t get enough of being able to pull the lever for a leg rest and told us over and over again that “this is the life”! Pete loved all the high tech features from the navigation to the lane departure warning system that beeps if you start to drift, to the 360 degree park assist that shows on the monitor your vehicle’s position. I can’t say enough good things about it either. It is so easy to drive, and being on the shorter side, it is very easy to see out of and get everyone loaded in and out. Maddie loved having a back row all to herself, and Ash loved the first-class lounge seats we had in the middle row. It is very roomy and it fit so many suitcases that I had to take a picture to show you all.

space in kia sedona kia sedona for busy families

We have driven it before and used a full back booster seat that fit perfectly, and for this trip, we used our travel booster seat which also fit well too. 

kia sedona with kids kia sedona

It was the perfect vehicle for a long road trip from Baltimore, Maryland to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Williamsburg, Virginia and then back to Baltimore again… If you are thinking of taking the same trip. Here is how we did it…

We flew into BWI in Baltimore and drove about an hour and a half to Lancaster. This is one of the more beautiful drives ever. You go through the Pennsylvania countryside and pass many Amish farms and some of the greenest grass or colorful leaves (depending on the time of year). You might also pass through some snow if you visit during the winter, which we don’t do. Pete says he has seen enough snow growing up in Lancaster to last him a lifetime, unless it is at a snow resort. He’s totally okay with seeing that!

We spent three days catching up with family in Lancaster and then headed to the Greater Williamsburg area. 


We stayed at our travel partner, Kings Creek Plantation while we were there and we loved it. It is centrally located by practically everything!

original jamestown church

On day one of our trip, we visited travel partner, Historic Jamestown where we walked in the exact same area that the settlers did, learned about the hardships they faced and the strength that they had to keep going and not to give up. 

jamestown monument

We also had a delicious dinner in Historic Yorktown with this beautiful view… view dinner williamsburg

Day two in the Greater Williamsburg area was spent at travel partner, Busch Gardens. We had SO MUCH FUN! This is now one of my absolute favorite parks ever!


Day three we packed in so much learning and exploring at Colonial Williamsburg that we were all shocked at the end of the day with everything we saw. We even worked in a ghost walk that night!

carriage ride williamsburg

We plan to return to the Greater Williamsburg area because there are still so many things we want to do. We didn’t make it to Jamestown Settlement yet to see the life-sized boats that the first settlers road in, nor did we eat a meal in a tavern in Colonial Williamsburg… plus about 100 other things. It was a great first visit as a family!

Have you been to the Greater Williamsburg area?

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  • I’ve always wanted to see Willamsburg, but I’ve never had a chance to go. Coincidentally, I’ve also had my eye on a Sedona, as well.

  • That Kia looks like a great car! I didn’t realize how much room they had in them! And I would love to go check out Williamsburg.

  • What a great looking car! I didn’t realize how big they were!! The town you visited is so quaint! I love all the architecture!

  • That is a sweet ride. I have always heard good things about the Sedona.

  • I have heard really good things about Kia vehicles, especially the Sedona. Looks like y’all had a great trip!

  • I keep seeing a lot of reviews on the Kia Sedona but I’ve never been interested in owning one until I really read the reviews. I don’t have a need for a new car right now but when I do need one I may just consider a Kia.

  • That looks like such a beautiful car. I love how it’s gone some great space too. That’s something I’ve been looking for in a vehicle. My husband and I have been looking for something with more space.

  • This sounds like such an awesome fun filled family trip indeed. I love the Kia Sedona because it is so roomy and such a comfy ride. Williamsburg is a place I have always wanted to visit along with Bush Gardens. Some day I will have to take a trip like this with my family. Thanks for sharing this awesome vehicle and family trip.

  • Williamsburg looks like a lot of fun. My daughter would really enjoy the historic aspects and all of the research she could do afterwards.

  • I haven’t been to Williamsburg. It looks like a wonderful place to visit.

    The Kia Sedona looks very nice. I would love to own a mini van. I want the space. However, my husband isn’t on board. Lol
    Maybe he just needs to test drive one.

  • I have been looking at getting a new car. The Kia Sedona looks like it has a ton of space. I will have to take one for a test drive.

  • Nope, never been to Greater Williamsburg area before but if I did I so want to travel in a Kia Sedona! With my family size, this would be the perfect ride!

  • We’ve never been to the greater Williamsburg area, but would love to make a trip there. We went to Baltimore too in 2012 and made a trip to Sharpsburg, Maryland on our way home.

  • Okay, I’ve never thought of going there, but now I really want to! Also the Kia Sedona looks so nice!

  • Well, first off, I have never been to Williamsburg, but now totally want to go! Secondly. that Sedona is AMAZING! My kids would be so excited to be able to recline their seats!

  • Williamsburg is so fun! I have a Kia sedona and love it. It fits the kids and the stuff. Plus it gets good mileage and is comfortable!!

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