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Las Vegas Review: Titanic The Artifact Exhibition

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I’ve always thought that history was one of the most interesting subjects in school. If I could have just studied one thing in school it would have been history. Reading about history is a good way to learn, but to really understand the past you have to immerse yourself in it.  There is no better way than to be able to see and touch pieces of the past. Titanic The Artifact Exhibition provides a fun and educational way to experience the grandeur and tragedy of the Titanic.


This kid here has had a love affair with The Titanic for a few years now. She has been desperate to see parts of The Titanic in person and this was a dream come true for her {and me too}. It’s the most amazing feeling to be so close to pieces of something that you have heard about your whole life. To be able to experience up close the same plates and sterling that the Titanic passengers actually used is so cool.

fpn_Titanic 0191

I loved this display of the different table wear that the different classes used. Titanic was a pretty special ship in that even the third class passengers still had pretty nice accommodations. I thought it was really interesting that they even added the beautiful Titanic logo to the plain third class plates too, till I read that they did that to ward off stealing.


The staterooms were set up as exact replicas. They were very spacious.

Titanic 0183

Isn’t the grand stairway beautiful?

Titanic 0293

On exhibit is an actual piece of the Titanic siding. It was surreal seeing it.


I highly recommend adding Titanic The Artifact Exhibit to your Las Vegas itinerary. This is a great activity for the whole family. My three year old had a limited understanding of what actually happened on The Titanic, but she still enjoyed the exhibit. The older two at 11 and 13 found it fascinating. Plan on spending a good 2 hours enjoying the whole exhibit. There is a guided tour on tape that you can purchase in addition to the standard tickets that would be great for those that want more in-depth insight. We really enjoyed the exhibit, the way that it was presented gave such dignity to the passengers and told their stories, and that of the ill-fated ship, in a very approachable manner.

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  • I forgot that this exhibit was in Las Vegas! So it is a good exhibit for young children as well. I wasn’t sure what it would be like. Thanks for sharing!

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