Epic New Birthday Parties At Chuck E. Cheese’s

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Chuck E. Cheese’s VIP

Emmy celebrated her 7th birthday this month. I could bore you all with hours of commentary on how I feel about her getting older, the short version is that it is happening way too quickly and it really does feel like she was just born yesterday. How seven whole years has passed is beyond me. There is one good thing about her getting older. This girl LOVES celebrating her birthday, so that keeps me from spending the day in a puddle of tears. Instead, we had one of the most fun parties ever at Chuck E. Cheese’s. If I thought last year’s party there was awesome, that year has nothing on this year because they just introduced new, Bigger Better Birthday Offerings!

One thing that is still the same, though, is how easy and convenient it is to book a party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. In fact, if you thought it was easy to book a party before, you will love that it is even easier now with their new party reservation system. It took me less than 10 minutes to get Emmy’s party reserved and that included a couple minutes waiting for Emmy to pick some new options. More on those below!

Chuck E. Cheese’s

When we arrived, I was so happy to see that safety is still the most important thing at Chuck E. Cheese’s. We were all given the same stamp when we entered, and it was checked as we left to make sure we took home the right child and that nobody took home someone they shouldn’t. 

Chuck E. Cheese birthday party review

After we were checked in, our Party Host greeted us and showed us to our table.

Chuck E. Cheese party

The table was all set up and we went over everything before the other children arrived.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Birthday

This is the point when we realized how amazing the new party offerings are. The New Bigger Better Birthday Offerings are some really exciting themes to choose from now. Picking a theme was what took Emmy a couple minutes to decided on when we were booking her party because they all sounded awesome to her! She was able to choose from: “Party Like a Rock Star,” “Dressed in Pink Party,” “Sports, Sports, Sports” and “Chuck E. Super Fan.”

Chuck E. Cheese’s new birthday party

Can you guess which one she chose? Let’s just say she was ready to party like a rockstar!!!

-Birthday Party

We also noticed that Chuck E. Cheese’s now has bigger and better goody bags as we checked out the table. Emmy and her friends love how fun the parties are here, but for me, it is all about convenience. I love that we just show up and they have everything ready to go and they handle everything the whole time we are there. They also make the birthday boy or girl feel special and the celebration is always a huge memory maker. 

Since we go all out to celebrate birthdays we opt to add as many extras as we can so we chose the Mega Super Star package. I love that they have a package that is perfect for each party with a Star and Super Star package available too. Each package has a different price and offerings so be sure to compare them to see which one is right for you.

Chuck E. Cheese’s food

I chose the food when I reserved the party, so right on schedule, the food was brought over to our table! We always get the veggie and sampler platters for the kids and adults to enjoy as the kids start playing.

Chuck E. Cheese’s appetizers

Something that was new to us was the Play Pass. This takes away the need for tokens and allows the kids to swipe the card to start the games. Our party had unlimited play for 2 hours and that was perfect for our group.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Party

birthday party themes

Maddie and Ash still love it here too and the little kids love playing with them. I even saw Pete playing games with the kids!

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party

Before we knew it the pizza was here!

Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza

Chuck E. Cheese’s new pizza

Then Chuck E. Cheese came out and celebrated the birthday girl, helped with the pinata, and danced around a bit! So much fun!

easy kids party ideas

Chuck E. Cheese’s party for kids

Chuck E. Cheese’s fun

Chuck E. Cheese’s cake

Chuck E. Cheese’s also has brand new cakes with sweet frosting, rich cake, and a splash of excitement with colored sprinkles! The cake got two thumbs up from the kids and they also loved the ice cream (dipping dots)!

Chuck E. Cheese’s cake and ice cream

After that, it was the long-awaited ticket blaster for Em! 

Chuck E. Cheese’s ticket tunnel

She even got the sought after 500 tickets coupon!

Chuck E. Cheese’s tickets

Time for more games!

Chuck E. Cheese’s games

After that, we fed her tickets to the machine. Would you believe she had over 1,000 tickets!!!

Chuck E. Cheese’s rides

Chuck E. Cheese’s prizes

We love the fun prizes here and Em picked out some great ones!

Chuck E. Cheese’s party tips

If you want to take your party up to even another level, I highly recommend a VIP Birthday party. Chuck E. Cheese’s VIP birthdays parties get the whole party area to themselves before the restaurant opens, for 90 minutes! They offer a safe, contained play space for your birthday party with no overwhelming crowds and The Happy Birthday show plays exclusively for your VIP birthday party. 

Here is our Chuck E Cheese’s video:

What is your favorite thing about Chuck E. Cheese’s?

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  • Sounds like your daughter had an amazing birthday; when me older daughter was little we had one of her parties there and it was a blast! So easy to set up and we loved that everything was handled for us, too. But that was before the play pass came into play, and now I’m thinking it’s time to take my youngest over there!

  • Happy Birthday, Emmy. It was obviously shown that you enjoy your big day at Chuck E. Cheese with the food and the games. Nowadays, booking a party was the most convenient way of celebrating a party because you don’t have to do anything like cooking and washing the dishes.

  • This is really the perfect place for kids to celebrate their birthdays and any other special occasion! I love that there are plenty of things to do here for the kids!

  • Everything does look pretty cool, I’ve never been there. My daughter has a few times but she’s never really mentioned it. It was just for a regular fun day, not a party. I wonder if she would like it?

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