Epic Fails From Our OREO Trick Shot Video

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A couple of weeks ago we headed to Walmart for OREO cookies. We were planning some weekend fun and to film an OREO TRICK SHOT video to enter in the “Shop OREO at Walmart Win big” contest where we are entering for a chance to win $100,000! 


Pete thought of this “tricked out” TRICK SHOT by throwing the Oreos from the driveway into the sunroof of our minivan. Although we took liberty with this video, he DID end up getting a couple in the sunroof and the proof is in the crumbs in the car. Now he made it look really easy, tossing some OREO cookies into the sunroof like a pro, but there was a lot more to it. 

We decided to show some of the outtakes that didn’t make it into the first video as part of the Epic Fails entry along the lines that “You Can’t win em all… your best fails could win this”! See a few OREO cookies landed on my head and others “accidentally” landed in my mouth, aka, they looked good and I was hungry!

Ready to join the fun? Awesome! You can do so by sharing your videos and/or photos of your entry and encourage others to take part in the challenges too. After the entry phase of each challenge, entrants will be able to share their entries via social shares to rally votes. Vote quantity is taken under consideration when winners are chosen. These entries will live on

Remember to give it your best shot! The most EPIC FAIL wins.

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  • I think these are hilarious. I always love seeing outtakes of different TV shows and stuff like this. It’s fun to see what went wrong before it went right.

  • This is too funny! I have had many blog post fails, and entering something like this would have made the fail less annoying!

  • I love Oreos! They are my favorite! So much variety in their flavors!

  • Oh my, when it comes to hand-eye coordination, I’m pretty much an epic fail all the time. Maybe my game of catch would be better if I knew Oreos would be involved!

  • This looks like so much fun. I will have to pick up some Oreos so I can try this with the kids on the weekend.

  • wow this was so fun and awesome! my best friend LOVES oreos and am totally sharing this with him on FB he is gonna love it.

  • Oreos are such a delicious snack and some fun food to play with. This is hilarious!

  • Any Oreo fan is a winner, even if they don’t win the competition. This is hilarious. I needed a good laugh today.

  • I love Oreos and winning stuff! What a perfect sweepstakes for someone like myself! Thanks!

  • I can see where some “accidentally” landed in your mouth. Isn’t that the best place for them to land?

  • Love oreos! I’ve been seeing them everywhere these days. I haven’t ate one in years, but maybe I’ll need to pick up a bag!

  • I love Oreos and this campaign is so fun for the summer! I will have to try out the Oreo game with my friends, great post!

  • hahaha that’s too funny! And wow what a contest to win 100000!!!! May the best video win and the odds my be to your favor 😉

  • It might be a bit late for me to enter at this stage but it sure looks like a ton of fun. May the best epic fail win the grand challenge. Good luck!

  • Such a great idea. We have a TON of epic fail videos from our work – I should put them together in a compilation!

  • I just snorted milk out my nose. How funny is this? I love this. I don’t think it’s a fail at all because it totally made me giggle. This is such a cool idea.

  • We love Oreos so much! It is a tragedy to have them land all over…I might still eat them…haha!

  • Such a fun contest! I love watching these oreo videos….a great way to spend some time with kids too!

  • This isn’t an epic failure at all! You had the courage to try something new, and that is never a failure. The Oreo challenge is awesome.

  • These are fantastic outtakes. We just did this on the weekend and I should have video taped it.

  • Oreos are one of most popular cookies. My kids can’t get enough of them and milk.

  • Oreos can never really be considered a fail if they end up dunked in milk and in your mouth! Your “epic fails” were pretty hilarious though!

  • Oreo’s are a family favorite here in sunny Georgia. I think I’m going to have to check out the contest to see what I can come up with. I love all of your fails, lol.

  • What a fun contest! I love Oreos and will have to think of a way to join in on this one.

  • I am with the others, I live for outtakes so watching this trick shot video was cool. I have to say I am a real sucker for oreos as well!

  • how fun! I remember at camp playing games with oreos like how many we could stuff in our mouths. OH MY !

  • This is so much fun! And, when it comes to Oreos, there are no epic fails because, at the end of it all, YOU GET TO EAT THE OREO! <3

  • What an awesome contest and the various challenges all seem fun! I would just be happy to eat all of the Oreos once our entry was complete.

  • Oreo did a trick shot event here in NYC with Shaq. I had another event and would up JUST missing him. LMAO at your husband throwing them from across the driveway. He has a GREAT arm. Get that man on an NFL team as a quarterback or as a right fielder in MLB.

  • this is totally fun !! Oreo is my favourite ! I will definitly entered in this contest

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