Epic Dinner Failure… or was it?

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Who would believe that this beautiful slice of cheesecake was an epic dinner failure? 

Or that these crazy monkeys could be anything but the perfect dinner guests?

Hello? Did you see this huge slice of Chocolate cake?
Can you believe that this was only half of the slice? Oh MYYY!


Check out the looks on their faces when I said DESSERT FIRST!!! 

{I'm crazy like that. Why should they have to eat a ton of food if what they really want is dessert?
Not all the time, moderation is key, but every once in a while eating dessert first is on the to do list!
Notice the Toddler still chose regular food first… loves her food, dessert not as much!}

So how was this perfect dinner an epic failure? It went a little something like this…  We were supposed to meet up with my parents and my sister and her family for our normal Friday night dinner. We're totally old fashion {kinda} and we get together for dinner every Friday night with both my husbands side {if they can make it} and my side of the family. My oldest daughter dictated to my side that we were meeting at Claim Jumpers. She agreed with them when they asked if it was the Claim Jumper in Temecula.

A couple hours later we we arrived at the restaurant and my mom texted and said that they were seated in the back. We walked on through and couldn't find them. My daughter then asked what city we were in. That's when I got the first inkling that we might have an issue. I replied that we were at the Claim Jumper in Carlsbad. “Carlsbad?” she asked? It took about 10 seconds to realize we were not going to be having a big family dinner that night!

It was still the best epic dinner failure I've ever had.  

Disclaimer: This is the events of the night as I remember them. I'd hate for my daughter to be mad at me like she was with the whole pizza incident of 2012… she's just now forgiving me 🙂 If I have omitted any pertinent details it was completely accidental. Yes, I've started saving to pay for her to go to law school.


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  • Claim Jumper is one of my favorite places to eat and play checkers! I normally get the dessert sampler platter as my meal and eat the whole thing by myself!! Maybe that is why I now weigh over 400lbs……actually, if I am being honest it is really closer to 500lbs. Someone told me that the dessert sampler platter at Claim Jumper is over 5000 calories!! Well, I’ve been rambling, but I just thought I would stop by and say hi because I am a longtime reader.

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