Empowering Our Teen To Go Big In The Pursuit Of Her Passion

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Parenting teens is completely different from parenting any other age children. It comes with its own challenges, but it is also one of the most rewarding and fun times to be a parent. We are so proud of all three of our girls, and anytime that we are able to do something special for them, we jump at the opportunity!

Last week we partnered with Yoplait to do something truly remarkable for Ashley in celebration of Yoplait’s new yogurt for teens, Go Big. Go Big is all about recognizing and elevating how amazing teens are, and they gave our family the chance to fuel Ashley’s passion in a way that truly changed her life.


For the past two years, Ashley and Pete have been dedicated to their health. They have been eating well and making exercise a priority with 6am workouts and afternoon training sessions. Ash has long suffered from asthma, most likely from her preterm birth, and when she was younger she missed out on a lot of fun things when she was sick. These past two years since she started making exercise a priority, she has seen a remarkable change in her health. What started as a way to spend more time together as father and daughter and improve her health, has turned into much more for Ashley. She even just signed up for her first big competition!

We knew it was time for Ash to take it up a level and Go Big! So we planned a day that would inspire and guide her as she sets bigger goals for herself.

We woke her up even earlier than normal, surprised her with a new workout outfit, some Yoplait Go Big Strawberry and Mixed Berry Yogurt to eat on the road to help fuel her (we bought Go Big at our local grocery store), and drove a couple hours north for Ash to have a coaching and training session with one of the most amazing female athletes (and people) on the planet, Jamie Hagiya. Jaimie is a very well known Crossfit Athlete who played basketball for USC and professionally in Europe before coming in 18th at the 2016 CrossFit Games!  She is also co-owner of Torrance Training Lab where we met up with her for Ashley’s special day.

When I was planning this day for Ashley, she and Pete were gone getting a workout done. On my own, I researched female athletes with very little knowledge of who is who. Jamie was everything I was looking for in a role model for Ashley, and someone she could look up to as she continues her training. As soon as we met Jamie, I knew that I had made the right choice. When I told Pete and Ash about her, they both knew who she was immediately and they were so excited to meet her. Jamie not only is one of the strongest people I have ever met, she is also an amazing person. She is positive, high energy and just radiates strength…just look at her! And I knew she was just the person to help us fuel Ashley’s passion in an amazing way!


I could gush about her for days, but I have so much more to share about our day…


After Ash was fueled up with Go Big for a quick boost of energy, she was ready to begin her training session with Jamie!


Jamie started by talking with Ash about her goals and what she wanted to work on. They went through a warm-up and then it was go time. Jamie coached Ash on a bunch of different moves she has been working on, and then they did a couple workouts together.


Jamie also shared some tips and apps Ash can use at home to improve.



I was exhausted just watching, but Ash never stopped smiling. This really was her dream come true and it took Ash’s passion to a whole new level!


Jamie encouraged, inspired, and had a huge impact on Ash…and all of us really. We left ready and dedicated to helping Ashley pursue her passion of fitness. Ashley was almost speechless as we drove home because she was so filled with ideas on how she is going to take her training up to another level. Ashley was truly inspired after meeting with Jamie because Jamie was so real about the dedication it takes to get to the level she is at. Five hours a day spent working out is not unusual for Jamie, and she pushes herself mentally and physically each and every day. Her guidance was valuable on so many levels and I loved watching Ash soak it all in.


Since we have been back home, Ashley has been working on a new training schedule and is meeting with her home coach more often. She got that extra momentum from this day to take her passion to the next level, it was life changing!


Ash’s big day was fueled by Go Big, a new, large yogurt pouch designed specifically with teens in mind. I love that Yoplait not only wants to shine the spotlight on how amazing teens are no matter what they’re interested in, but that Go Big was developed in partnership with teens. Our family loves that Go Big is made with real fruit and just the right amount of sweetness and that the pouches contain a larger amount of yogurt for a teen’s growing hunger.  Even the Go Big pouch was designed for teens and is like nothing you’ve seen before. You just grip & rip! It is very easy to open and enjoy and is great for on-the-go!


Yoplait® Go Big™ Yogurt is available in two different variety packs, each with two different flavors, Strawberry/Mixed Berry and Peach Mango/Cherry and there are 8 pouches in each box. You can purchase Go Big for your teen at your local grocery store like we did and at Walmart or Target.

Ash was especially happy to learn (as was I) that Go Big has no colors from artificial sources, no high-fructose corn syrup, it contains real fruit and is a good source of calcium. It is also gluten-free and Kosher Dairy, if those are concerns for you.


How do you celebrate your awesome teen?

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  • Ha, I am exhausted watching too… but I’m old. Good for her, and a high five that you support her so fully!

  • Most teens don’t know what their passion is just yet. I’m excited to see how far your kiddo goes with hers.

  • that’s a big pack of yogurt for a training athlete/teen… looks good/yummy…And impressive that she can lift that much, good for her!

  • I would take her out to eat and then go shopping! I would like for her to be able to redo her room, she really wants a new chair for the desk we just got her.

  • I love to see parents inspiring their kids to be all that they can be and to go after their dreams. As for Go Big, I need to buy some of these for the girls, they’d make great snacks after gymnastics practice.

  • I actually have seen Jamie on television. I think it is great your daughter was able to work with her on her passion. I would love to let my daughter Go Big with her music.

  • It’s so nice to see parents being supportive of their kids. It’s going to motivate them and fuel their passion as well!

  • I have 3 teens, eek! I would like to celebrate them by signing them up for a local athletic club and helping them get more fit!

  • Inspiring story. I would take them on an adventure. Go rafting or camping. Have fun with them

  • This is incredibly inspiring as a mother, Heather. And also I am inspired by your daughter! How amazing is this!!! I am in awe!!!

  • Wow. You and your husband deserve a big applause! I love how you are very supportive of you daughter’s passion and it will definitely propel her to go for greater things! Ashley looks really determined. She’s one strong girl!

  • As parents, the support we give out children to pursue their passion is priceless. It makes them stronger and more determined.

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