Easy Summer Money Saving Ideas

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I’m so excited to be a Scholarshare Ambassador for 2015 and I’ll be sharing sponsored posts throughout the year filled with college savings and planning information. Today I’m sharing some easy summer money saving ideas so that you have more money to save for your child’s education. 

easy summer money saving ideas

Summer is the perfect time to save up some money before the school year starts again. There are so many ways to save some extra money and today we are sharing some of our favorites!

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1. Always put experiences above things. An afternoon spent in the pool, and together as a family is worth more than any expensive activity. Plan some fun things to do at home.

The Little One loves to use inexpensive chalk to draw expansive new “worlds” on our driveway. The total investment is mere dollars for hours (if not days) of fun!  


2. Pick your own fruit and veggies at a “you pick” farm. The savings are normally pretty big and it’s a fun thing to do in the summer! If you have a really green thumb you can even grow your own to save even more money!


3. Let nature be your playground. When Ashley is getting in an extra workout she just goes outside and uses what she sees. The Little One loves to collect sticks and build things too. We don’t have to go anywhere or pay anything for this kind of fun and they love it!


4. Take day trips to save on travel. You all know we love to travel and show the girls the world. But we are able to save money by limiting our travels during the busy family travel season known as summer time! We prefer to travel during the off season which saves not only money, but also our sanity. Instead we take a lot of day trips. The county fair, the beach, up to the mountains for the day… so many places to go!

A great way to use the money you saved this summer, is by adding it to a college savings account for your child or children. 

Just $25 a month can make a huge impact on the future. It all adds up and if you save each summer and deposit the money in their ScholarShare accounts, you can make a big jump in their saving each year. We have learned a lot about ScholarShare accounts and feel they make a great partner in savings for college. 

How are you saving during the summer?

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  • Fantastic ideas. I love the you pick farm my son would go nuts for this. I think i will def have to plan that for him. Just hope he does not eat everything we pick before we leave lol

  • We do a lot of free things with the kids in the summer. I always try to save when I can.

  • We LOVE picking our own fruits and veggies and we do a lot of day trips. I am determined to have a interactive kid not one on the computer all the time.

  • I love putting experiences above things. I think that you realize this the older you get. 🙂

  • We love taking day trips instead of a big vacation. There are a lot of free or low cost places to travel to in our area.

  • We save money by going to the free beaches and enjoying as much of the free events our city offers! We love just going to the yard and filling the baby pool, throwing all the toys out and playing all day- exploring all the possibilities!

  • Great ideas! My kids (and me) loved making memories at home. They (and friends) swam into the night and camped out in tents right in our backyard. My favorite is the sidewalk chalk. One day our grandkids and their cousins spent the day swimming, eating grapes right off the vines and tracing each other on the patio with the chalk. Grandpa came in and said with all the body outlines that it looked like a crime scene in the backyard. 😉

  • We are actually going to a You Pick farm today. I love having the experience of farm to table.

  • $25 a month can add up. Anything can add up, that’s what I tell the kids. If you don’t save though, nothing = nothing, right? 🙂 #momtalk

  • I love these tips! I wish there was a place to pick your own fruit where I live. The kids would love to do that!

    • Felicita, we looked for so long to find a place and then someone randomly told me about one minutes from my house! Hope you find one too!

  • All great ideas! We definitely try to get outside as often as possible. We really like playing croquet out in the yard.

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