Easter Bunny Dip Bowl

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Now that there are 3 more little ones in our family, my mom has gotten back into the spirit of going all out for Easter! She makes animals out of peppers and other vegetables and dip bowls out of bunny rabbit bread bowls. It's a huge hit and just adds that special touch to the celebration!

Here is how she does it!

Easter Bunny Dip Bowl

Pretty basic ingredients. I use homemade bread because I love to make bread {recipe coming soon}, but you can use the one in the freezer section. It's pretty darn tasty! Some raisins for the eyes and a couple almond slivers for the teeth!

fpn_IMG_0540Let it defrost a bit.


Start making your bunny.


Add the ears.


Arms too please!


Cute little feet!


Can't forget the face and whiskers!

fpn_IMG_0565Bake and serve!


Do you have a “go-to” Easter recipe?

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  1. Easter is so colorful and fun. I love being a little more creative for Easter. There’s so many cute possibilities with crafts, candy, animals, food, etc to make for a festive celebration.

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