Early Morning Traditions

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Seattles Best Coffee Review

About a month into our marriage, Pete learned something very important. I’m a much better companion when I am caffeinated.  I think this holds true for many of us, especially in the mornings. Since those early days, we have settled into what I call our early-morning tradition. Since we both wake up before 5 am, Pete is the first in the kitchen, makes us both coffee, and then hand delivers it to me.

He’s a keeper for so many reasons, and his coffee delivery skills, even if done for self-preservation isn’t lost on me. It makes me love him even more.

Seattle’s Best Coffee

We talk about all sorts of things in those predawn moments. What we have planned for the day, the kids, work, and anything else that pops into our heads in the moment.  For instance, there was a time when I blurted out how great he was at making coffee and he laughed at me and said it wasn’t his skill level improving, it was an upgrade in our coffee! Pete had recently switched our usual coffee, to Seattle’s Best Coffee® for nearly THE SAME PRICE. Seattle’s Best Coffee® is brewed from 100% Arabica beans and is a high-quality coffee with a surprisingly smooth taste with a variety of coffee to choose from.

Pete was tired of settling for average coffee when we can get something better. That totally clicked in my mind as a big picture thing. So often we get set in our ways, wanting better and wanting more but not actually taking steps to change things. Coffee that morning changed me. Not only was it so smooth and easy to sip and drink, but it felt like a free upgrade from our usual brand.  There is even a Price Match Guarantee that makes switching from your usual coffee risk-free!

seattles best coffee at home

Our morning tradition even got more fun since we got this adorable gift box from Seattle’s Best Coffee®. We now have matching doggy mugs to enjoy our coffee in. I hope the kids don’t steal them!

coffee in the morning

We normally use K-Cups so that we can have a fresh cup of coffee throughout the morning, and then we brew a pot of coffee when we are entertaining. I can’t wait for my friends and family to enjoy Seattle’s Best Coffee® Signature Blend No. 4 that is in the gift box! It sounds so good!


My favorite place to drink coffee is out on our balcony. As soon as the sun starts to rise I always have a second cup there. I’m so happy that they sell this great coffee for a great price at Kroger, it will definitely become a staple in our house that we will be putting on our grocery list week by week. I see a lot more mornings on the balcony enjoying Seattle’s Best Coffee®. 

Do you have any morning traditions? 

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