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DIY Hot Chocolate Party Spoons

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IDIY Hot Chocolate Party Spoons

Our annual Christmas Eve parties is one of my favorite things ever!

I start planning months in advance and the girls are joining me in the planning this year. I think they are as excited as I am! One thing we realized is that we want to enjoy the party more, instead of working so much behind the scenes. So… we are changing up a few things, including our hot chocolate bar! 

This year we are making hot chocolate sticks so that guests can make their own hot chocolate!

chocolate covered spoons

These are so easy to make.

Just melt some chocolate chips with a little milk. Then scoop the chocolate into the spoon and top with mini marshmallows and some sprinkles if you like. That's it!

When it's time for hot chocolate, just stir the spoon into some warm milk and enjoy!

homemade hot chocolate spoons

Here is a quick little video of how easy they are to make! 

What do you like to top your hot chocolate with?

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  1. I love these spoons as a decadent treat to serve with warm drinks. I want to try making these with my 5 year old so that we are able to share them with family members on Christmas!

  2. I like whipped cream on top! This is SUCH a good idea. I never thought of doing something like this, but this would make a great teachers gift.

  3. What a fun idea to have those for a holiday party., especially because I would much rather have hot chocolate over coffee anyway!

  4. This looks like such a fun idea both for adult and kid holiday parties this season. Those chocolate spoons look so yummy — where can I find those super small marshmallows to garnish these? I’ve never seen any that tiny before.

  5. I LOVE a good hot chocolate when the weather gets cold! I’m so excited to have my first one of the year!

  6. These work great to bump up the coffee too! It brings your coffee in to taste like a mocha. Your spoons look great. I would have never thought to add the marshmallows though. Great touch!

  7. This looks like such a fun afternoon activities for me and my little. Plus who doesn’t love an edible chocolate spoon?

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