DIY Custom Monogram Letter Frame – It's a Lovely Life!

DIY Custom Monogram Letter Frame

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You all are going to love our new crafting contributor Michelle! She is a pro at DIY and home decor too! She'll be sharing all her talents here weekly! Get ready to get your craft on!


Monogram Letter Frame

I consider decorating my home to be one of my favorite hobbies in life! I only discovered this to be true when my husband and I bought our first home in 2009. There were so many possibilities when we moved; I was walking into a blank canvas. As I perused the decorating magazines and watched HGTV for inspiration I was more than ready to start making my house a home. With the ideas swirling around in my head, I encountered one major problem–the lack of money to make my decorating dreams come true. Home décor can be quite expensive! I knew I had to come up with a thrifty way to have a nice home. This would be where I began to discover this whole DIY world of decorating. I quickly learned that most of the time it really is cheaper to make something yourself and I also discovered it was a lot more fun!

I think it is important to have a house that you can be proud of and comfortable in no matter what your budget is! I also believe that home decorating is a continuous process. I am constantly evolving my decorating style—I will never be done with my house. I’m always coming up with new projects to work on, or at the very least am shopping in my own home (i.e. changing things around to different rooms).

My first project I want to share with you is really simple and very trendy at the moment. Everywhere you look whether it is in stores, on Pinterest, or blogs, you will find monogrammed décor. I absolutely love monograms, so I jumped on the bandwagon. Let me show you how to create your own monogram letter frame.


Here is what you will need:

  • A basic frame, 8×10 is a good size (check at Goodwill, or the clearance section of department stores! Even if it is not the color you want you can always spray paint it!)
  • A medium sized wooden letter from a craft store (remember there are almost always coupons at craft stores, check online!)
  • A small piece of fabric in your desired print (remember the coupons!)
  • Spray Paint—Choose a color that will stand out with the print you chose for your fabric
  • 8×10 thin canvas
  • Scissors

Here is what you will do:

Remove the glass from your frame. Save it for another project, since you will not need it for this one. Here is where you would spray paint your frame if you did not like its original color.


Spray paint your wooden letter in the color you chose to stand out on your fabric, let it dry, around 30 minutes.


While, you are waiting for your letter to dry, cut your fabric a little bigger than the 8×10 frame so that you can stretch it out over and behind the back. Stretch the fabric over the thin canvas so that there are no folds or wrinkles and simply tape it tightly to the back with masking tape or some other type of adhesive.


Once your letter is dry, center it on the canvas over the material and use spray adhesive to affix it to the material.


Your last step is to simply place it in the frame and find a good spot in your home to display your monogram! I love the “3-Dness” of this project!

What letter would you make?



Hello! My name is Michelle. I am a mom of two boys ages 2 and 16 months (yes, they are only 15 months apart and yes, I am exhausted) and have a wonderful husband of almost 6 years. I taught Elementary school for four years until my first son was born and chose to become a stay at home mom and have been doing that ever since! I love God, my family, spending time with friends, running, and decorating my home (on the cheap)!

Heather Delaney Reese is a Lifestyle and Family Travel Writer currently on the road with her family 150 days a year, sharing exceptional family memory making moments and life's everyday fun times. She is a big proponent of encouraging others to join her journey and become a professional blogger so that they too can make money at home and spend more time with their families.


  1. I sooo want one of these! Thanks for the project Heather. I can’t wait to try it sometime next month. Perfect for the living room.

  2. I absolutely love this! I wish I was more crafty because it would be great to have in my home :-p

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