Disneyland’s California Adventure Buena Vista Street Review

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You all know how much I LOVE giveaways right? And you all know how much I LOVE everything Disney {not in a crazy over the top way I promise}? And you all know that we have season passes to Disneyland and California Adventure too, right?  So when I got an email letting me know that we could enter to win a season pass holders early preview of CARS Land and Buena Vista Street I jumped at the chance to win! I wasn’t at home so I called my husband and asked him to enter asap. I didn’t want to forget.

Pete’s not really the giveaway type. He doesn’t gamble either. His standard line is that he “never wins”.

Imagine his surprise when he got the email saying that he did in fact win. See, people do win giveaways!

Here is PART 1 of our fun Disney Day!

We are starting to be really careful telling The Toddler when we are going to be doing anything fun more than 10 minutes before we leave. She’s in that obsessive 2-year-old stage where she asks 500 times when we are going to be somewhere and then when it doesn’t happen in 10 seconds she FREAKS. OUT. BIG. TIME.

See that silly grin on her face? It was a very sad frown seconds before. Of the joys of being 2!

We headed off to start our adventure…

I loved watching all of the kiddos stop and point at the CARS signs!

We were ushered through the hidden door…

Into the heart of Buena Vista Street…
I love this new area. The architecture is spot on. You really feel like you have been transformed into a different time and place. 
It’s eclectic in that there is not just one time period represented. Every which way you look brings about a different memory or feeling even if you are like me and not old enough to have true memories of most of these eras. 

I so wanted to ride in this cable car. We ran out of time but I will definitely be putting this on my list for next time. The last time we were in San Francisco we made a point of riding on one and it was so fun. The only problem is that the older girls were 2 and 2 months old so they don’t exactly remember it! My favorite part of this picture was the Disney Employee taking a picture with his camera. I saw that a lot. Even they were wowed by how well the new areas were built.

Disney is adding more and more little markets with fresh fruit and other quick healthy snack options. LOVE THIS! The Toddler lives for yogurt and bananas. Having said that, I put no restrictions on The Kiddos when we are on vacation. I’m a “in moderation” parent. If they are craving it they get it. You’d be surprised at how little junk food they end up eating when there are no restrictions. I should note that they know that soda is not refreshing and once they get thirsty they always order water. This time we even brought some bottles of water in with us and that saved us a fortune too! 

I love all the “storefronts” that they have lining the road!

It’s pretty big and wide so that traffic getting into California Adventure won’t be an issue!

Ice Cream is awesome on a hot day but…

California Adventure now has the FIRST Starbucks!!!! Be. Still. My. Heart! 

And an ice cream shop right next door. Have you all been to Gibson Girl on Main Street in Disneyland? This is the same ice cream and a total DREAM!

Might as well just get a sundae as it’s only a bit more than a single scoop!

There is also a bake shop in the same little center. 


Here’s the Starbucks menu. All I cared about was the ice tea… but they even have Frappuccinos too!

And yes I did get a sundae and it was delish!


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  • I can’t believe you already posted! 🙂 Thank you for sharing part 1 of your day at Disney, I completely understand the toddler mind. My son is the same way. I love that they have starbucks but even more the architectural design and the cable car!!! 🙂 Can’t wait to take the kids in September…

  • All things Disney work for me. I just love it all.
    This weekend is extra special because we are going to Downtown Disney super early Sunday morning to see our oldest son, who is 40 run his first Half Marathon. My hubby and I actually saw the last few miles of a marathon at Disneyworld in Florida many moons ago. The look on the runners’ faces show what they have to endure. If you’ve never seen anything like this, you are encouraged to come early to cheer on the runners and then enter the park before the crowds arrive. By the way, good luck to Chris, our son !

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