Disneyland Vacation Planning and Adventure Guide

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A couple weeks ago we made a quick run up to Disneyland for the day to celebrate one of the kiddo’s birthdays!
I took tons of pictures and made many mental notes to share with you all…

You guys know we are big Disney fans {no we do not wear matching shirts and I promise my husband doesn’t have his own Mickey Ears} and because we have so much fun and live about an hour away we bought season passes. The last time I did a Disneyland post I received quite a few emails asking for help planning future Disneyland trips so I’ve got a whole series of EVERYTHING Disney to bring you all!

Let’s start with Tom Sawyer Island!

This is the perfect spot to start your adventure… it feels like you are in a different part of the world. You hop on a little ferry that deposits you right onto the island. But for the Toddler the “boat ride” was beyond thrilling just by itself! 

Per Disney, The island is reminiscent of the “adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn when they ran away to a remote island to live the carefree life of a pirate”. There is even a treasure for the kids to find and lot’s of secrets to discover!

One of the girls favorite parts is all the caves to explore. Seriously the 12 year old and the 2 year old {the 9 year old too} all love to climb through all the dark spaces looking for treasure! Honestly though… does my 2 year old not look a whole lot older and Bigger? The older two were always on the growth chart for height at less than 10% till they were over 8 years old… this one is already over 95% for height. Biology I tell you… tall birth parents will do that for you. The two older ones are stuck with my short genes! Back on topic…

{Now she looks small again} There are caves, trails and then tons of bridges. Have you all seen those cool things where you talk into one end and it goes through a pipe and your voice is heard yards away? Yep, they’ve got one here… you have to be on the look out for it though… {hint it’s up on top of the caves}

See more caves and walkways… they never get old!

I love all the trees and the shade they offer when it’s hot outside!

You get a totally different perspective of the Disneyland “mainland” from the island!

Hidden Mickey has fun facts like “Tom Sawyer Island has a Missouri zip code.” So if you somehow needed to send yourself a  letter it would be addressed to Missouri. Who knew?

Can’t keep them out of the caves!

These guys were a hit too… I’m not sure who was more fascinated with these little guys, me or the kids. Every spring the island has tons of ducklings!

And then it was time to for lunch so we headed off the island… we waved bye to all the people waiting for the next boat…

I dreamed about white river rafting down the river in between all the trees and then I remembered there were no rapids, no waves really… it was still a nice dream!

One more river view!

 Part 2 coming soon!

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