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In our home we believe that birthdays deserve big celebrations! That’s why we started a tradition of birthday extravaganza celebrations! It makes birthdays even more special! This year’s celebration is all about Disney’s new movie FROZEN! I took my little one to see it a couple days before Christmas and she has been in FROZEN mode since then!

This is how we do birthday extravaganzas! Starting a couple days before her actual birthday, we decorate the house and then we carry on the fun by giving her a gift or letting her do something special each day!

Frozen has been a huge hit… so much so that I had to go to two Walmarts to buy all of her extravaganza gifts! I wanted her to have a touch of FROZEN in all aspects of her life because the message of true love is one that I feel strongly about. A sister’s love is so strong and Disney shows it so amazingly well in this movie!

I ended up getting her Anna’s dress, a book with little figurines in it, The FROZEN soundtrack {she is going to love this}, an Elsa Doll and an Anna doll that plays music when you put her hands together!

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 Here are the first three days of her FROZEN Birthday Extravaganza!

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Day 1… She got this Anna dress from FROZEN! She immediately put it on and danced around the house!

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Day 2… Was a huge success! If you follow me on Instagram you got to see how thrilled she was with a Fresh Fit For Kids meal lunch from Subway! Through January 6th they had a special FROZEN bag that came with a free bookmark too!

We surprised her with lunch on this day! I went with one of my daughters to pick up lunch at the Subway in our local Walmart while my husband and other daughter stayed at home with her. I asked my oldest to get her changed into her Anna dress… and when I came home I saw she had also done her hair like Anna’s too… she even had the silver streak in it!!!

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Day 3… She played with her Elsa doll all day!

Tomorrow is Day 4… And we are going ice skating! She is planning on wearing her new Anna dress to the rink! Ice skating was her idea.

The rest of the presents will be waiting for her on the kitchen table next to a FROZEN themed cake at her birthday morning celebration! Birthday Extravaganzas also include picking where to eat your birthday night dinner and waking up in the morning to presents and cake!

How do you celebrate birthdays in your house?

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