Disney Cruise PALO Brunch Or PALO Dinner? Let Our Review Help You Choose

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Hey, that's Pete and I!

As the photographer here I am much more likely to be behind the camera in our blog posts than in front of it like in our videos… but when we had lunch at PALO on our recent Disney Dream cruise to the Bahamas, our waiter insisted on taking our picture when he saw my camera on the table. I'm so glad he did! Since there are not that many pictures that I am in, let alone of Pete and I together, I cherish this one!

This was just the first of many special moments we have had at PALO. Eating here is our “thing” whenever we cruise with Disney. Before this day, we always had PALO dinner, but after hearing from multiple people that brunch is even more amazing, we finally experienced it for ourselves. 

The thing is, I wasn't desperate to eat here for brunch. I really couldn't imagine that anything could come close to as great as dinner at PALO is so I thought we should just stick with dinner and leave it at that. 

After having Brunch I can't believe we didn't do this before. 

To start, PALO is adults only, 18+,  with an enforced dress code. I wore a dress with non-flip flop shoes and Pete wore Pants with a collared shirt and both were acceptable. So although you do have to be mindful of following the dress code, you don't have to wear a tux or formal gown. It is fancy, but not pretentious. There is also an additional charge to eat at PALO and reservation (especially for brunch) should be made as soon as possible too).

When we first were seated we were immediately offered champagne.

We opted for sparkling apple cider instead (I'm in LOVE with their apple cider because it is not too sweet). Our waiter went over the menu with us and then gave us a tour of the buffet. There are different stations including seafood and an attendant at each one to help serve you.

He was able to point out everything that we could eat in regards to our special diets (vegan and vegetarian) and then offered to have the chef make us pretty much anything we could imagine. 

I'm not a huge breakfast fan so I asked for pasta and a huge plate of vegetables. When it arrived I couldn't believe how much he brought out! I felt silly even ordering anything from the menu when there was already so much on the buffet, but he reassured me that I would regret not ordering and he was right. I totally would have.

The food was all very fresh and flavorful.

This was our third Disney Cruise and we always feel well fed and that there are both healthy and delicious options available in the regular dining options. So eating at PALO is definitely a way to make your cruise above and beyond. It is not necessary at all, at least not until you have tried it, because then it absolutely becomes mandatory! Ha! When you are in PALO they spoil you and the food and choices are taken to a whole new level.

Pete loved his omelet and all of our meat-eating friends said that the eggs benedict and steak are phenomenal and can't be missed. After seeing the desserts, I would add those to the not-to-be-missed list too!

The views during brunch, the service, and the food are all reasons you will definitely want to enjoy a PALO brunch.

Now, what about PALO for Dinner? 

We've had PALO dinner twice now and both times it was perfect.

I learned after the first time to just tell the chef to serve me his choice of food. Our waiter asked if I had a preference for what I wanted to eat and I said it all sounds good. So taking into account my vegan diet, he talked to the chef and created a grand meal!

Before our food was served, we were first brought over the antipasto cart. This is the best starter on the ship! When it is wheeled over, you can pick and choose your favorites to make the perfect appetizer for you!

It all looks so good, right?

They even had desserts for me to enjoy too! Nothing is overlooked when you are dining at PALO.

Having had both dinner and brunch I'm happy to share that we will definitely still be making PALO a tradition for us whenever we are on a Disney Cruise. Our upcoming cruises will have just one difference in the future… we will be making a reservation for both dinner and brunch at PALO because there is no way we could ever choose between the two!

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When was the last time Pete and I took a picture together, let alone had a brunch date? 😮🙃☺️ When we were on our @disneycruiseline Bahamas Cruise we had brunch just the two of us at Palo. It is the 18+ restaurant that has an additional fee to enjoy. On our other Disney Cruises we have had dinner there a number of times and we loved it, but everyone kept telling us we had to have the brunch. I swept those comments aside because the dinner is simply amazing and I couldn’t imagine anything being better. Then we had brunch at Palo and we both agreed we were are never not having brunch here again while aboard a Disney cruise. The kids were all with friends or at the kids club so we knew they were having fun so it was a guilt free time for us. Condensed version: have dinner and brunch at Palo. You will LOVE it. Also don’t eat for hours beforehand. There is so much yummy food. I’ll be sharing more in our stories later today! 😘

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