A New Way To Read And Listen To Books

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Reading is one of our favorite things to do in my family and I’m really excited to share all about a cool new subscription service called Scribd that makes reading a great book easier and better via this sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scribd.
scribed unlimited ebooks

I was a hold out when it came to digital books.

I always said the only way to read a book was in your hands on paper. Non of this digital stuff for me… and then we went on a plane trip and space was limited and I had to choose between reading a book on my phone or not at all. Tough choices I tell you… and then I actually read a digital book and it blew my mind and opened up a whole new world of reading!

Since that first digital book there have been many more… so many that I had to slow myself down a bit because it was getting ridiculously expensive. And then I discovered Scribd and I had over a half a million books at my fingertips all for one low monthly fee and I was happy.

I didn’t think it could get better and then I started listening to audio books from Scribd.

Driving the girls to school. driving to client meeting and going for a walk will never be the same again. It’s been life changing to be able to listen to a book whenever I want and Scribd has even encouraged me to exercise more because I can’t wait to hear what happens next on the book I’m listening to so I’ve been going on more walks!


I even got my oldest hooked on Scribd.

We both agree that there are so many books to choose from that the hardest part is choosing the next one to listen to. And then that got us thinking what a great gift this would be for other busy people or those that need a little extra motivation to exercise! 

scribd book membership

Scribd makes it very easy and affordable to listen and read books whenever you want!

Scribd is a subscription service with the lowest price on the market at only $8.99/month.

For a limited time you can try out this service for FREE for three months here.

Scribd is the largest unlimited-access subscription ebook & audiobook service around, with more than 500,000 ebooks and 30,000 audiobooks and no limits on how much you can read/listen to. Scribd’s audiobook library includes new releases like Amy Poehler’s YES, PLEASE, blockbuster hits like THE HUNGER GAMES, and celebrity narrators like Alan Cumming and Meryl Streep. Scribd’s library is available on almost every device — iPhone, iPad, Android phone & tablet, Kindle Fire, and web browsers.

This would make an awesome gift for those that love to read this holiday season too!


My daughter and I spent some time browsing and picking out books we want to read and listen to.

She loves to read books while I’m all about listening to them right now so Scribd is perfect for us both! If you are giving anyone a new device for the holidays it would be really cool to buy them a membership and have Scribd loaded on it when you gift it! 

Be sure to active your THREE-MONTH FREE TRIAL HERE!

The sign-up period for this offer will close on January 1, 2015.

What is your favorite book from this past year?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scribd.

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