Go Boating and Fishing at Walt Disney World

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Did you know that you can go boating and fishing at Walt Disney World? We didn’t until we visited there last month with TakeMeFishing.org! As their guests, we learned all about the fun extra special boating and fishing activities you can do there. Thank you to Take Me Fishing for hosting this super fun adventure!

Heather Here!

Our fun in Florida started bright and early with a smooth flight from San Diego.

Em has started knitting on planes and has taken to using chopsticks instead of knitting needles to avoid extra screening. Yes, it has happened! Ha! I asked what she was working on, and she said a scarf for Mickey Mouse.

In a blink of an eye, we were at one of our favorite places on the planet, Walt Disney World!

Our favorite place to stay when we visit is in the Epcot Resort Area. That includes The Yacht Club, Beach Club, and The Boardwalk. The Swan and Dolphin are also there, but not owned by Disney.

We love this area because it is a skip and jump away from both Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

Then the real magic started! We had dinner with our friends from Take Me Fishing and the big guy himself… Mickey Mouse!

After dinner, our first boating moment happened! 

We hopped on a boat and were whisked away by waterway to Epcot for the most amazing fireworks viewing ever!

We went under the bridge to the park and had front row viewing for the whole show! It was spectacular! This was just the beginning of many moments where Pete and I looked at each other and both said we had no idea that you could do this!

We were all pretty tired so we headed to our hotel rooms soon after. We needed to get as much rest as possible for the next day where there was going to be more boating fun and fishing too. Emmy was so excited to experience her first catch that she almost couldn’t sleep!

Have you been boating or fishing at Walt Disney World?

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  • What? I can fishing at Walt Disney World? I seriously do not know about it. If I gotta the chance to visit, I will do it. Thanks for shairing!

  • This sounds like so much fun, I didn’t know about this option. All the pictures are so beautiful, I am glad you enjoyed the visit.

  • That looks beautiful. We haven’t been to Disney World in years, but would love to get the kids back there. I never knew there was fishing there. There are so many things to do at Walt Disney World resort, you almost need to devote a day or two to just enjoy all the amenities! Such an amazing family experience for you!

  • There are so many unique opportunities for family fun at Walt Disney World. I didn’t know there were boating and fishing options, but I’ll add these to my next WDW trip.

  • How did I not know about this? Epcot is our favorite area but had no idea there was a boat/fishing option right near it. Looks like we need to go back.

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