Devin Castle, Slovakia, Adventures By Disney River Cruise – It's a Lovely Life!
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Devin Castle, Slovakia, Adventures By Disney River Cruise

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Have you ever been to Slovakia? If not, I highly suggest that you go. Thanks to Adventures By Disney for hosting this amazing European Danube River Cruise.

Today we toured the amazing city of Bratislava, Slovakia and were really blow away with the history and beauty of this city.

Next we went to the nearby Devin Castle where we took in the amazing views, learned some archery and also coin making.

The afternoon featured a trip to the Schloss Hof Baroque Palace, which was also our first trip into Austria. This palace was unbelievable in every way.

The evening ended with us strolling around Bratislava for some ice cream and coffee. We made it back to the ship just in time for it to leave for Vienna!

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  1. I have never been to Slovakia. It sounds like an amazing place to check out. I will have to add it to my travel wish list.

  2. It would be amazing to go on the European Danube River Cruise. I would love to see Bratislava, Slovakia and learn the history. History of places has always fascinated me and my family. Thanks for sharing these amazing places and your amazing experiences.

  3. So many amazing things in the world – as a history buff, I especially want to see all the old world has to offer.

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