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I’ve had some deep thoughts lately. Like, am I raising my kids as well as I should? But not to fear, this post is nothing about deep thoughts. That would be boring, wouldn’t it? However, it would have been really strange if I titled this “shallow thoughts” and that’s why I went with “deep thoughts” instead. Makes sense, right?

Okay, let’s start with this shampoo… Do you remember the original Herbal Essence? It smells all flowery and like you were running through a tall grassy field on a summer day! I couldn’t believe that they brought it back! When I saw it at the store I swooned and then I got with it and grabbed a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner.

I normally use expensive shampoo. I *might* have a couple of grey hairs and they *might* get colored and highlighted so I want to make my hair coloring last as long as possible. I used this herbal essence between my last dye jobs and there was no difference in how long it lasted. I guess I did a little unscientific test for you all. Not only do I love the smell of these guys but my hair feels so clean and soft. Love, love, love it! PS. This is not a sponsored post.


I’ll be heading out to Vegas for my yearly series on Vegas fun for families and I wanted to get some new clothes to wear when I’m out there. I was a bit sad at all of the horizontal stripes going on this season. If you have a “full chest” you don’t want it to look any bigger, right? It’s also not very flattering in any other area of your body if you have gained, I don’t know, maybe 15 pounds in the last couple of months. Just saying.

However, if you are not as generously filled in the chest area, horizontal stripes might be the thing for you.


My mothers day breakfast. So I’m really late on sharing this one but I thought it was one of the most fantastic meals my kiddos ever made me. Featuring scrambled eggs seasoned with fresh herbs, fresh strawberries, and fake bacon. Not for everyone, I know, but it was delish and I loved it. Not having to cook or clean up was pretty awesome too!


We are getting a Cheesecake Factory. Let me say that again. WE ARE GETTING A CHEESECAKE FACTORY! This is big news around here… or at least between Pete and I. We kid seriously that this will raise property values. It will definitely raise my weight if we are being completely honest, and I’m okay with that. I love our home and the area that we live in… but the closest Cheesecake Factory is at least an hour away. It’s our favorite restaurant. We are willing to drive. But having one 20 minutes away feels like winning the lottery. I love cheesecake. Enough said. PSS. Again, not a sponsored post.

So what’s on your mind? Any deep or not so deep thoughts?

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  • My favorite shampoo! I bought 4 bottles of each when I saw it on the shelves, just in case they decide to do away with it again!

    • Good idea… I heard they are already sold out at lots of stores… kinda wish I had bought more!

      • And I died laughing when you said “not generously filled in the chest area!” Um, that would be me, but horizontal still isn’t my friend, lol!

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