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Saturday night Pete and I took a day trip up to West Hollywood for a little party. By little I mean the amount of people… not the level of fun or celebrity host coolness. Because if we are talking about that this would be classified as a HUGE party! HP has a new service where you can create your own HP Photo Wall Décor online and and pick it up same or next day at Walmart or Meijer! They are priced very reasonably and the quality was as good {if not better} than other professional ones I’ve seen before.


Anyone recognize this awesome designer? Yep, it’s Genevieve Gorder from HGTV giving a talk about beautifying your home and walls with family pictures! You guys know me… I’m not a natural at home decor. It’s just not in my bones but oh how I wish it was. For a few minutes I pretended I had the same talent as Genevieve and just absorbed everything she said.


She did a quick demo taking this wall collage from a basic, straight across design to this more eye catching design. It was fun watching her creativity just flow out of her. People say you are born with a certain level of creativity or not… she definitely has it! But she also shared some secrets that will make anyone a master at wall design.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Photo decorating is more of a feeling than a science. You kinda have to follow your feelings as you place and move the pictures.
  • Moms are the CMO “Chief Memory Officer” of the family. It’s our job as moms to protect and display our family’s photo memories.
  • Create rhythm with your photos to keep eyes moving, mix it up and don’t stop with straight lines when hanging photos.
  • Transitional areas are perfect places for family photos… like hallways and behind the sofa. Both work well.
  • Pictures should tell a story of your life, not just one event in it. Mix Wedding pictures with Grandpa’s picture and your kids first day of school.
  • Pictures can be a mixture of vertical and horizontal.
  • Black and white can be mixed with color.


After the presentation we mingled and had some tasty appetizers and drinks. Although there were lovely mimosa’s we stuck with the healthier choice of water infused with oranges and enjoyed the beautiful views. Like the good wife that I am, I took a surprise photo to remember the moment!


Genevieve graciously had one on one moments with all of us so that we could ask some personal decorating questions… {I took this picture of her chatting it up with another Blogger}. I had a list of questions for her about our home and I didn’t ask her any of them. We ended up talking about this little ole blog and our kids. Funny how mom’s just always end up talking about our kids. I kinda like it that way too. After her lesson earlier I felt like I had a good grasp on how to jazz up our walls anyways.


I can’t wait to add some of these awesome prints to my walls. I’m going to start with the canvas wrap prints.  I got an up close and personal look at them and they are fabulous. I already have the pictures picked out and ready to order. Ordering is super easy too. Just head over to either Walmart or Meijer’s websites and follow the directions. You can even pick them up the same day. We just had family pictures taken so I’ll be picking up 24×36! So excited!

You can enter to win a $1,000 grand prize makeover by Genevieve Gorder…
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I never remember to take pictures of me… or maybe I do it on purpose? I’m much happier behind the camera… but I couldn’t miss this opportunity! It was so much fun meeting Genevieve and learning about HP’s photo prints!

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  • How exciting! I have been a fan of hers since Trading Spaces. I’ve always loved her design concepts!

  • So jealous! I love Genevieve Gorder. She seems so down to earth and fun!

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  • What great ideas!! I have loved her since her days on Trading Spaces!! So jealous that you got to meet her! Love your blog by the way! 🙂

    • LOVE GEN!!!!!! and me too Katie! 🙂 people now prolly dont even know what “Trading Spaces” & “While You Were Out” are! I really liked the show she did several years ago when she was the leader with a group of other designers/architects and they re-did a town, main street, or several key areas of a town that needed work done…Town Haul, maybe it was called? 🙂 lol

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