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Day 7 Tour Of Florida, From Miami to Naples

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trump miami

Day 7 was such an awesome day!

We woke up with the sun, and the girls watched the ocean turn from a deep nighttime blue to a bright tropical aqua color while wrapped in our travel partner, Trump International Beach Resort robes. 


Pete ran down to the lobby and brought us back up some of their signature coffee, and we sipped it on our balcony while the girls got ready… we take about 1/4 of the time that they do. I remember being slow to get ready in the morning as a teen too!


Breakfast was at Neomi’s again, and it was just as fabulous as the day before!

food at trump miami

We were surprised with vegan banana smoothies, a beautiful fresh tropical fruit platter, and vegan waffles!

banana smoothie

After breakfast, Pete and I took videos and pictures to share later before the rest of the guests were ready to take over the resort. 


I discovered this little spot right on the beach. How perfect is it for lounging and reading a good book?!beach trump international beach resort miami

Soon after, our driver was there to take us on a fun outing to the Miami Auto Museum, The Dezer Collection.  

private driver at trump

This is something that needs to be on your “must do” list when you visit Miami. 

I wasn’t super excited to go and I agreed because Pete loves cars, but about 5 seconds after we got there we were all saying things like “WOW”, “OH MY”, and “COME QUICK, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS”!

Miami auto museum

Emmy was fascinated by these and then she quickly discovered all the cars…


I’m not going to be able to share everything because it would take me months and 1,000’s of posts to show everything, but Pete added a bunch of it to our video located at the bottom.

see the real bat mobile

The museum is split up into two parts, Hollywood and Classics. They have exhibits for almost every movie and TV show you can imagine in Hollywood. In Classics, they have some really special cars and you can see the history and progression of autos, bikes, etc.

As I walked through, I kept thinking how I wish my dad was with us on this trip. He loves cars and would really appreciate it…..especially since I’m not a big car person, and I absolutely loved it. We spent over an hour here, but to really see it all you need to block off 3 hours. They also have a really cute diner in the Hollywood building that would be really fun to eat at!

mystery machine

Back at Trump Miami it was time to pack up and travel to our next stop, Naples.

balcony view

It was very hard to leave this view.

family vacation review trump international miami

toyota highlander road trip

We all loaded into the Toyota Highlander and were on our way…

family road trip ideas florida

A little over two hours later, we were on the other side of Florida on the Gulf Of Mexico at travel partner, Naples Bay Resort.

naples bay resort with kids review

We checked into our two bedroom suite and immediately felt a calmness rush over us because of this amazing balcony!


And these views…

naples bay resort marina

best naples family resorts

We had cookies for the girls and wine for Pete and I waiting for us. The wine was from Monterey, CA… another one of our favorite places to visit…so that felt like a sign of what was to come. 

welcome gift

We had an early dinner and then an early bedtime followed shortly after. It’s a good thing we did… because the next day was full of adventure! 

Have you been to Naples?

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