Day 4 White Stallion Dude Ranch With Kids

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Thank you to White Stallion Ranch for hosting our stay at your beautiful luxury family-friendly dude ranch in Tucson Arizona. All opinions and photographs of the property are ours.

arizona lizard

At White Stallion Ranch the meals are all set at a certain time each day so that you can plan ahead of time. Pete and the girls have been going on early morning rides and then we all have been meeting for breakfast right after. The walk over to where breakfast is served is maybe 2 minutes away on foot, maybe less… except for the day that I ran into this guy in the tree. We had a stare down for quite some time because I couldn't get over how big he was, and the rainbow of colors he had all over his body. Even if you plan to do nothing here at the ranch, you will still stay busy just taking in nature!

safety white stallion ranch az

After breakfast, we did some swimming.  Pete and Ash did CrossFit at a local box, and Maddie, Em and I made our way to downtown Tucson for vegan donuts. I totally see the humor in half the family eating donuts while the other half does intense exercise. We are a funny bunch like that.

Back at the ranch, it was time for our 5 pm ride. Pete and Ash went on a fast ride and Em, and I took the slow ride. Kids have to be 8+ to go on fast rides, or we all would have been on that one. The evening rides are my absolute favorites, and this one took us on a different path in a completely different directions than the others we have gone on, so that was fun!


arizona desert


afternoon ride

We had just a couple minutes before taking a hayride, so Emmy locked herself up to pass the time.

ranch fun

Each evening there are appetizers served with drinks and on some nights they offer them on a hay ride. 

This was so cool! I would do this every single night of my life if I could. It was that fun! The evening starts with a mule delivering “Monsoon Mules,” their own take on the popular Moscow Mule drink. There was also a boozy lemonade and lemonade with prickly pear for those that don't drink alcohol. 

hay ride drinks

monsoon mule

prickly pear lemonade

After we all had our drinks, we found seats on the bushels of hay and we were off!

hay ride with food

The owners are a huge part of the ranch. It feels more like we are staying at their personal residence as guests than a hotel or resort. They are always checking in and making sure everything is perfect. They were the ones driving the hayride, and their own personal family recipes were used for the salsa and onion dip that we enjoyed during the ride. They make every single guest feel welcome.

ranch fun for families

evening hayride white stallion ranch

Halfway through our ride as the chips and dips were passed around we passed by the mama and baby horse…



chips and dip

fun on the dude ranch

We also saw the free roaming cattle on the property on the ride…



Later that evening we enjoyed the entertainment. This night they brought on a local historian to share the history of the area and Arizona as a whole. It was fascinating, and we all took away so much more knowledge than we started with. 

Here is our day four video recap:

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When was the last time you rode a horse?

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  1. It sounds like you guys are having a last at the dude ranch. That guy that you found at the tree is huge and beautiful. He was totally worth being a few minutes late to breakfast.

  2. I think you are having a blast at Dude Ranch as a family with lots of fun all around. The pictures are so beautiful & exciting that I would want to go for one such trip with my family right away.

  3. This looks like so much fun! I have some of the Deep Eddy Grapefruit vodka and it’s amazing. I guess we are lucky because this reminds me of our town. We have lots of mama and baby horses and you can always hear the cows just sitting on our porch.

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun for the whole family. I have not been horseback riding since I was a kid. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. This kind of takes me back. I’ve only every been to one or two “dude ranches” but pretty much grew up with similar places all around as a country kid. Heck we had our own horses in the backyard…now I live in the city and feel more at home lol

  6. well she’s definitely a better rider than I am! I’ve only been horse back riding once when I was young! looks like a fun adventure/ trip! thanks for sharing: )

  7. I have only seen a dude ranch on TV, and it looks like a lot of fun to vacation at one with kids. My nephew would have such a blast. I wonder if he’d be scared to ride a horse.

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