Day 3 Vlog in Rapid City – Mount Rushmore, Rushmore Tramway Adventures, Rush Mountain Cave – It's a Lovely Life!
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Day 3 Vlog in Rapid City – Mount Rushmore, Rushmore Tramway Adventures, Rush Mountain Cave

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Today was really an amazing day! Thanks again to Visit Rapid City for sponsoring our trip to this amazing area so we could feature it. We packed so much into today, but the highlight was definitely getting to see Mount Rushmore. This is a simply magical place that makes you feel so patriotic! It is a must do activity for every American, and I am so glad we got to experience it as a family.

We also spent the morning at Rushmore Tramway Adventures, which is located in the small town of Keystone, just minutes from Mount Rushmore. We rode a really long chairlift to the top of the mountain and took an Alpine Slide down…so fun.

In the afternoon, we went to Rush Mountain Adventure Park which features the amazing Rush Mountain Cave. From the gift shop, you take a hallway that leads you beneath the earth for an hour long tour of the cave….which is truly remarkable. There are no really tight spaces, so it was enjoyable for all of us. They also have the Rushmore Mountain Coaster, a 7-D Interactive Shooting Ride, and the Soaring Eagle Zip Line….all of which were unbelievably fun!

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  1. Mount Rushmore would be so super cool to see in person! Of course, the gorgeous surroundings also take my breath away. I suppose I need to put South Dakota on my travel bucket list.

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