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Day 2 in Grand Cayman – Snorkeling, Good Food, and Beach Time!

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Our first full day in Grand Cayman was simply amazing. Thanks again to the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism for hosting our stay so we could feature this amazing piece of the world.

We woke up early to head down to the beach to see the bluest waters we have ever seen. We then headed over for a great Italian lunch at Ragazzi which was just a couple of blocks away from our hotel (the pizza was sooo good!)
After lunch, we walked over to the Westin to Red Sail Dive Shop where we caught our boat….a huge catamaran that would take use to a couple of great snorkeling locations at the Kittiwake ship (underwater dive location) and another shallow reef area. The water and the fish here are nothing like we have ever seen.

We wrapped up a packed day by eating at Agua. This place was hopping…which meant that it had to be good. We were certainly not disappointed as they had great selections for everyone in our family…even the Vegans!

Pete Reese
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  • That water is ridiculously clear and beautiful. I am not really a beach type of gal, but I would definitely love to check out this place for a few hours!

  • Pete I love the Cayman’s. Your video makes me want to dive right into my screen 🙂 I love the water this is where I frist learned to scuba dive !!

    • I’m happy you liked the video Jay. I’ve got to get into scuba diving. Snorkeling here definitely got me interested. The Cayman islands is a place I need to go back to soon.

  • Cayman Islands is one for those destinations I want to visit and stay We have been but only few hours as that is a spot for cruises. However I have always wanted to stay for few days and enjoy the beautiful beach.

  • I have never been to Cayman Islands, neither are they on my travel list, they are so far away from my country I don’t really know I would ever reach this paradise. You have a lovely family, the girls are so beautiful, you must be very proud of them.

  • Wow. That water. It’s calling to me…I have always wanted to go snorkeling! And it’s good to know there are yummy vegan options because I am one of the vegans too! I hope I get to follow in your footsteps one day and visit this lovely paradise you recently enjoyed <3

  • This place looks awesome. I haven’t ever been snorkeling, but I definitely need to try it one day! It’s on my list of adventures, I just need to start that list!

  • Grand Cayman looks so beautiful I would love to go and relax there. I have always wanted to go Snorkeling.

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