Day 1 in Rapid City, South Dakota – We Made It! – It's a Lovely Life!
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Day 1 in Rapid City, South Dakota – We Made It!

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Follow along as we start the day early in San Diego and land in Rapid City, South Dakota. Thanks to Visit Rapid City for sponsoring this trip so we can feature all the amazing things this area has to offer. Right after landing, we headed to the Journey Museum in Rapid City which gave us a thorough understanding of the area and its rich history. This was just the start of one of our most memorable trips. 

Pete Reese
Pete is a semi-retired Real Estate Broker, Crossfit and Travel Enthusiast who brings the adventure to our lives! He constantly encourages us to take risks and be the best we can be! He loves sharing tips to help others earn an income online so that they too can travel and spend more time with their families.


  1. I have not been out west that far! So I am looking forward to hearing about your points of destination!

  2. Have so much fun on your trip! I haven’t been to South Dakota in years but I want to take my kids one of these summers!

  3. Honestly, Rapid City has never been on my radar for family travel. However, after watching this, I want to go now! That museum is pretty cool and something I know my girls would love to see in person!

  4. Wow looks like a lot of fun. Never been to Rapid City before, I’ve actually never heard of it but looks like its worth checking out!

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