Danube River Cruise – Adventures By Disney – Austria, Germany

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Unfortunately, this Adventures By Disney Danube River Cruise had to come to an end at some point. Thanks again to Adventures By Disney for sponsoring this amazing trip for us to feature.

Today was our last day of the Danube River Cruise aboard the AmaViola. We started the day by taking a guided walking tour of the City of Passau. This was a quaint city with lots of great shopping, fun things to do, and picturesque views in every direction.

Next, the buses took us to a really entertaining area called Tree Path Kopfing in Austria. This was a wooded area with paths through the trees and great areas for the kids to play and relax. This was in the hills and it was truly beautiful here!

We ended the day with an Oktoberfest celebration at the ship which was moved to the nearby port of Vilshofen, Germany while we were at Tree Path Kopfing. This celebration included lots to drink and also German soft pretzels!

This was our last night aboard the AmaViola and the Adventures by Disney River Cruise. There was a reception in the lounge where we got the chance to say farewell to all the amazing Disney adventure guides and also to the staff of the ship. It was only 1 week, but in such a short time, it felt like everyone was family! 

Go HERE to see all our videos from the Danube River Cruise.

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