Crown Princess Review Day 7 Port Ensenada Mexico

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Sailing on a family cruise with Princess Cruises was beyond exciting as was seeing all the bright colors in Ensenada, Mexico. Come see why this cruise was loved by everyone in the family.

Tons of thanks to Princess Cruises PR for hosting us on this special cruise. All opinions are mine and those of family. We hope you enjoy this insight, review, and tips of the California Coastal Cruise Review.

ensenada mexico princess cruise

Day 7 started with coffee in our room to enjoy as we cruised into Ensenada Mexico!

ensenada mexico

Docking was super quick in this port, and before we knew it, we were in port and could see all the beautiful colors that Ensenada is known for!

We headed down to the International Cafe for some fruit and then back to our room for a morning of surprises! 

international cafe breakfast food

The first surprise was a balcony breakfast with champagne (for Pete and me) and juice for the girls! They were able to customize it for us to make it vegetarian too! This is an upgraded option, and I highly recommend doing it if you have a balcony in your room. There are also dinners you can have in the same fashion that I have heard wonderful things about that too.

champagne balcony breakfast

And then because it was our last full day on the ship we went to the buffet for a second breakfast too! Don’t judge.

crown princess breakfast

And then the biggest surprise of all… a bridge tour! We learned so much, and the girls were thrilled to be invited by the Captain for this special experience!

bridge tour crown princess

They shared all sorts of information with us, and it was fascinating to see just how much goes on behind the scenes to make sure that all the guests of the ship have a great vacation. From a team back at headquarters that is there around the clock to assist the ships to the team on board that is always checking weather radar maps, physically patrolling the ship and everyone in the bridge we knew we were in good hands on a Princess Cruises family vacation. 

tour of the bridge

We were starving after that (slight exaggeration, we just really wanted more pizza!) so we enjoyed a couple of slices and swimming!

princess cruises pizza

And ice cream too! Round the clock ice cream flows on the ship!

ice cream princess cruises

We debated going on shore and then decided to experience more of the ship.

Seven days isn’t enough time to see and do everything… the 12 and 5-year-old went to kids club while the 14-year-old met up with friends at the International Cafe and had some coffee.

lotus spa crown princess

I went to the spa and had the best pedicure I’ve ever had. It was the “fire & ice” pedicure… I highly recommend it!

crown princess spa

Pete waited for me in The Sanctuary aboard the Crown Princess.

Oh my! The Sanctuary! I can’t believe that I waited until the last day to go there. It was heaven! I have a whole post that I am writing just about The Sanctuary because it was THAT awesome!

Inside is adults only. It’s an upgrade, so there is a fee to use it. We paid $20 each for a half day. In the morning I stopped in and picked out our lounge chairs and then they had them ready and waiting for us when we got there. There is a special healthier menu that you can order from for a $3 delivery fee per person, and they even serve afternoon tea to you.

the sanctuaryadults only crown princessafternoon tea princess cruises

And before we knew it hours had passed, and it was dinner time! The Little one and I relaxed on our balcony as we cruised out of Ensenada (I had picked her up from kids club) and then we got ready for dinner. She and the 12-year-old had the buffet (Pete and I were there too and had some snacks). Then it was back to kids club for them both. We had offered to bring them with us to our dinner, but both of them declined. If kids club was open through meals, I doubt we would have seen either of them at all. That is how much they loved the clubs!

princess cruises balconyrelaxing in the sunprincess pelicans kids club princess cruises

We finally saw the teen again at dinner. 

We went back to Sabatini’s for dinner. We found it is well worth the $25 cover charge per person, and the teen loved everything she was served there as did we. We all ordered the same things we had the last time, and it was nice having a “kinda” kid free meal… although I would have loved having the other two with us. Although this is a bit more luxurious than the other dining rooms, it’s totally kid friendly, and they cater to the whole family.

sabatinis crown princesssabatinis starters

After dinner, we took a walk and admired the Mexican decorations to celebrate our time in Mexico!

princess cruises ensenada portcrown princess piaza

The teen kept admiring this sombrero and bought it as a souvenir!

teens on princess cruises

And then we stopped for our nightly coffee!

specialty coffee princess cruisesteens on cruises

And then we headed back to kids club to pick up the Little One. 

It was pajama night, and they were watching Frozen, so she pretty much had the best night of her life (her words)! She said goodbye to her amazing kids club leaders and kept her tears back as best she could. She was just so happy for all the fun and sad because it was over.

kids club crown princess

Before I even knew it this happened… she hasn’t slept this well in well, forever!

crown princess princess cruises review

Bright and early the next morning, we found ourselves back in regular life. We woke up at 6 am, Pete went and got us coffee and breakfast that we enjoyed in our room as we docked back in San Pedro. By 8 am we were in our disembarkation area, and we were off the ship by 9 am. The whole process was very smooth and easy. 

princess cruises san pedro

We’ve been off the cruise ship for 48 hours now, and I am still on a cruise high! Adjusting to regular life has been a bit rough… I’m still shocked when I can’t order room service and that I have to make my own bed. But I am much more relaxed and refreshed and ready to get back to life with a new found enthusiasm!

It was a vacation we will always remember, and we can’t wait to start planning our next cruise adventure!

Are you planning any vacations right now?

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