Cream Stuffed Strawberries

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Cream Stuffed Strawberries

Whether you are looking for an easy Valentine's Day treat, a special date night at home dessert, or you are just obsessed with Strawberries as we are in our family… this recipe is for you! It is such a quick and easy recipe. Just a few ingredients and a couple of minutes and you have a very appetizing and beautiful dessert sitting on the table. 

We drizzle our cream stuffed strawberries with a little bit of chocolate to take it over the top. Strawberries and chocolate just taste so amazing together! Just can't resist! I know you will love these little stuffed berries and they will be a new favorite in your house!


  • 8 oz Fresh Strawberries
  • 4 oz Cream Cheese, softened
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 2 Tbsp Half n Half
  • 4 oz Whipped Topping
  • 1 Tbsp Powdered Sugar (optional)
  • Chocolate Syrup for drizzling


  1. In a medium bowl whisk together cream cheese, vanilla, and half n half until well incorporated. (if you prefer your cream filling to be extra sweet stir powdered sugar into cream cheese mixture.)
  2. Gently fold the whipped topping into the cream mixture. Scoop cream mixture into a large zip bag and push cream to one corner. 
  3. Cut tops off strawberries creating a flat surface to stand on.
  4. Cut an X into the bottom of the berries only cutting 2/3 of the way down.
  5. Cut off the corner of the zip bag and pipe cream into the strawberry through the x opening. You want it to ooze out the sides.  
  6. Drizzle with chocolate syrup and ENJOY!

Cream Stuffed Strawberries-4

Do you have a favorite Valentine's Day treat?

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  1. These Cream stuffed Strawberries look so delicious i can not wait to try making some. I hope mine turn out as well as yours did.

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