Complete Guide To Mickey’s Halloween Party 2015

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Our yearly family tradition continued for 2015! Mickey's Halloween Party is something we look forward to each year and it marks the kick off to the fall season for us! This is our 2015 complete guide to Mickey's Halloween Party!

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Mickey's Halloween Party is a seasonal “extra”, happening only during the fall inside Disneyland.

The park closes early on the nights of the party to general ticket holders and Mickey's Party ticket holders have the park to themselves. In fact they can even get into the park 3 three hours before the park closes and the best part is that costumes are welcome. You can read all about this years party in this post I wrote… plus there are links to buy your tickets. 

We were so excited to be invited to attend on opening night this year. All opinions are my own.

Let's start with the costumes. This year Emmy is all about Evie from the Disney Movie, Descendants.

Not only has she watched Descendants 500 times, she also insisted that she had to dress up like her for Mickey's Halloween Party. We were lucky enough to find a costume at the Disney Store so be sure to check there often if you are looking for the costume too. We also saw a handmade one at the party of the dress she wears in the movie that was pretty cool! If you are handy with a sewing machine that would be a great idea too!evie desendants costume

desentants costumes

I really recommend staying at a Disneyland Resort Hotel if you are coming to Mickey's Party for a couple reasons.

First, it's very convenient to get ready so close to the park. Secondly, there is so much to do during the party that you will want to stay till it ends at midnight, and trust me… it is really nice to be able to just walk back to your room and get some sleep. Third, staying at the Disneyland Resort is an experience all in itself. 

We stayed in the Frontier Tower of the Disneyland Hotel and the girls had a great time getting ready together. As soon as everyone's costumes were on we headed to the Disneyland for some fun. 

mickeys party disneyland

Then it was dinner time. We ate at the new PCH Grill Buffet in the Paradise Pier Hotel.

It was delicious and I have a whole review for you here.

mickeys Halloween party tips

We all dressed up this year. Here are the rest of us in our costumes.

Emmy of course was Evie, and I was going for a Minnie Mouse look. That is what I do each year… now Pete, Maddie and Ashley put a lot of thought into their costumes. They are exercisers throughout the decades. Maddie in the 80's, Pete in the 90's and Ashley in the 2000's!

heather mickey

And then it was Mickey's Party time! 

You guys will not believe all the lights and decorations. So awesome! Start by walking down Main Street right as it opens and the sun is still out. Stop and take a picture with the big Mickey Pumpkin.

casle disneyland

Then go on the tea cups as it starts to get dark like we did. If you need a snack, stop and get popcorn or a pretzel and people watch. It's not uncommon for people to start planning their costume a year ahead of time and it shows in the detailed costumes they wear. I am always so impressed at peoples creativity. Couples and family tend to all dress in a theme. I saw a bunch of people that chose to come as the feelings from Inside Out and I thought that was such a clever and easy idea. Although totally not mandatory, it is fun to get dressed up. It's one of the only times of the year where everyone can wear a costume into Disneyland. There are a few rules so be sure to check them out here.

tea cups disneyland

The next thing to do is to head to the trick or treat trails and fill up your bag with candy or healthy treats. Your choice!

They have stand alone trick or treat stations or trails of them. The trails are always less busy and move quicker for us.

After that, it's time to go dancing!

Our favorite dance party is right across from Space Mountain. The little ones love the silly DJ and when the Cheerleaders come out the energy is through the roof.
dance party mickeys halloween party

There are special treats to celebrate this time of year too… so don't forget to pick something up. Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice Lattes if that sounds good and you can also find pumpkin beignets in New Orleans. Both make for a great eat.

Here are some more sights from our visit…

mickey ghost

castle at disneyland halloween time


mickey party

As you head out at the end of the fun night, stop in front of the train station at the entrance to Disneyland, and have your picture take with a villain! It's the prefect way to end the evening!

mickeys party

You can see all the fun things to do at Mickey's Party here.

Are you going to Mickey's Party this year?

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