Coding For Kids At Sylvan Learning Center

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Emmy spent a morning learning coding with Sylvan Learning and they are sponsoring this post for us to share our experience.

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If you were to ask Emmy what her favorite things to learn about at school are, she would say STEM. She loves art and PE, but STEM is what she loves the most. Unfortunately, there is only so much instruction time in the day so she doesn’t get to experience and learn as much in those areas as she would like. I have tried to supplement her learning at home to keep her desire to keep learning strong, but not being a teacher myself, I always fell short of what she really needed and wanted. I’m just not that creative when it comes to these things and I knew I could do better for her. She agreed and kept asking for more STEM fun. I love that she views STEM as fun and not just a school subject. That is what is going to change the future of learning and advancement when our kids view something as wonderful as engineering and the other parts of STEM as enjoyable.  

Thankfully there is a place close to our home that she can go to get specialized lessons called Sylvan Learning. Sylvan Learning is the leading provider of personal learning for students in grades K-12. Sylvan Learning is transforming how students learn, inspiring them to succeed in school and in life.

They have been around for over 35 years, and when I was younger, I remember learning about it as a place where you could get tutoring if you needed extra help in an area. They still have awesome teachers that approach learning by blending amazing teachers with SylvanSync™ technology on the iPad® for an engaging learning experience, but they also offer enrichment courses to help children excel in their studies and develop a deeper learning in many subjects like those in STEM.


I decided to learn more about Sylvan EDGE to see if it was a good fit for what Emmy and I were looking for. What I learned is that it is a program made up of science, technology, engineering, and math classes just like I was hoping it would be. These four subjects may be most important for our kids to be learning now and even Emmy at 7 years old knows that. As we talk about what she loves to do now and what I see is in her future, I can already tell that she will most likely be involved in some sort of STEM focused career. I love that I can already be a part of helping her succeed for the future now.

Em also learns by doing, and Sylvan EDGE classes are hands-on, STEM focused group classes, workshops, and camps geared toward challenging and inspiring kids to master critical skills for the future.

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After we arrived at the center Emmy could hardly control her excitement as she settled in with the instructor to start learning more about coding.


The thing with these lessons is that she didn’t even realize she was learning. It was pure fun. The teacher sat next to her and showed her the basics of coding on the computer and then empowered her to start coding her own game. I love that Sylvan’s coding class is providing Emmy with the confidence and skills she will need to be successful in the future global workforce.


As she had questions she received extra help, but was allowed to use deep thinking skills to uncover her own answers. The time flew by and at the end of the lesson she had coded her own game. She had programmed a knight to protect jewels from a dragon and even was able to make the knight jump up and down. She was so proud of herself and you could see her confidence soar!


The lesson was age appropriate and positioned her for success all while really teaching her how coding works. When Em was finished, she read that they also offer robotics, engineering, math, and other STEM courses, and she asked when she could come back. She just had such a great time and really enjoyed learning there.

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You can learn more about Sylvan Learning’s programs on their website.

Do your kids love STEM too?

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