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Citi Every Step Of The Way… You decide with one click!

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 We had a great time watching the Winter Olympics. We spent lots of time cheering on team USA and lots of time teaching the little one all about the Olympics! It was beyond inspiring seeing all the excitement through the eyes of a four year old and really brought back the true spirit of this huge world event! The older girls look forward to the Olympics too and would zip through their homework so that they had extra time to watch each night!


I was so excited to learn about the Citi Every Step Of The Way program. With nine U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes all showcasing nine different programs in need. You can read all about this great way to give to a deserving program by visiting the Citi Every Step Of The Way Website: http://citi.us/1ek5E7S

The coolest part is that YOU get to help decide where the $500,000 donation from Citi goes! And you get to help decide with just a click!

I chose U.S. Paralympic athlete Rico Roman for my vote and hopefully my click with help his chosen program Operation Comfort get some much needed money! Operation Comfort gives wounded veterans the opportunity to participate in sled hockey by giving them the financial support and equipment that they need.

Watch this video to learn how you can help decide with just a click!

Who are you going to pick?

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