Childrens Christmas Wishlist Printable

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It’s almost Christmas time and we are getting it all done one list at a time…

When it comes to celebrations I have an unbridled compulsion to write list after list and organize every event to the umpth degree! Honestly, it doesn’t even matter the size of the celebration, holiday or event – It better have been written down and detailed to no end.  I’m not certain what happened in my childhood that brought me to this place… All I can say is it calms me and keeps everything tidy and on track!  While others may call it mildly batty, I have come to accept this as an exceptional trait of sanity.

Each year…

My children join many children this time of year, in the writing of their Christmas Wish Lists! Each year the same scene plays out for their hopeful little lists:

  1. They pull printer paper from the printer tray. (Argh..)
  2. They write a great list—then lose it ☹
  3. Grandparents call asking for said list (It’s nowhere to be found).
  4. They pull another piece of paper and diligently try their hardest to remember what they wrote and somehow end up with more on this list than their original, or in some cases forget items entirely (odd, I know)
  5. We successfully purchase revised wish list items.
  6. After Christmas, the lists ends up under a bed or in a pile of mail on the counter, crinkled and sad.

This is not a dramatization…these are the facts!

This year will be different…

I finally broke down and created a “fancy wish list” for them (well for all of us), it’s cute AND very informative!  It is actually festive and fancy enough to live on our fridge, this way when the grandparents and family members, call looking for gift ideas we can e-mail it, take a picture and send it as a text. The part that makes me happy is there’s an area for their age! It is no longer a random piece of paper that is easily tossed, and I can keep it as a memento to look back on.  The best part is I’d like to share it with you as well.  Just click below and they’ll have their own “Christmas Wish list”. 

Christmas Wish List Printable

What was your favorite Christmas Gift as a child?

Thank you to my dear friend Cadan for contributing this awesome printable!

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