72 Hours In NYC a Family Vacation

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Back in September, we took a secret trip to New York City.

We landed back in San Diego from our trip to Florida and two days later we were back in the air. I know everyone thought we were crazy to be bouncing back and forth from the west coast to the east coast and back again, but we never had any second thoughts. Back then I couldn’t share why it was so exciting for us to go… but I can now!

The Children’s MOTRIN® brand knows that moms may not see themselves as extraordinary, but their kids sure do. With the Children’s MOTRIN® My Unstoppable Mom campaign, they are capturing the unstoppable power of moms through the eyes of their children to illustrate how moms are truly making it happen, day in and day out, in their own unique ways.  

Emmy and I were thrilled to meet up with some other amazing bloggers and their sweet kids to partner with Children’s MOTRIN® My Unstoppable Mom campaign, and our time was made extra special because it also involved meeting and filming with Kelly Ripa!


A couple months back Emmy insisted that we buy this outfit because she wanted to wear it to NYC. The only problem was that we were not planning to go there anytime soon. She insisted I buy it anyways because she knew “in her heart” that she would be wearing it there soon. I guess she was right! 

We had such an awesome 72 hours in NYC and I’ll be sharing more about that in another post… but first I wanted to tell you all about the amazing day we had making these commercials.


Bright and early we got up and Pete and I did some work in the hotel. Once the girls were awake we got in some sightseeing. Before I knew it, it was time for Emmy and I to head to the most beautiful studios I’ve ever been in. The views over the Hudson were breathtaking!


The kids took maybe five minutes to warm up to all the cameras and people… and then this sort of thing start to happen. Emmy’s traditional “jump for joy”!

nyc 20150915_151703

Kelly Ripa was so kind and set the tome for everyone.

We had an amazing day. Emmy keeps asking me when we can go back and do it all again. It was that awesome. The other moms and kiddos made our day an absolute pleasure and we all left in the evening dreaming about how amazing the final product was going to be.


And then this happened. I pushed play on the video below and the tears started to sneak out of my eyes. This was one of the best surprises of my life and gave me a renewed sense of why I work so hard and what is really important in life.

Every day I happily put my kids first. I do my best to take care of everyone, to get all my work done and to still be the mom my girls need and yet I still feel like I’m not doing enough. Like they deserve even more. I question if I’m a good enough mom. I know that it’s a waste of energy to think this way, but I do. 

So when Emmy secretly shared with the filming crew about how much she loves our nature walks, and then I saw everything she said about them in the video, I almost lost it right then and there. I knew she liked it, but I had no idea that she valued those moments together as much as she does. It wasn’t some fancy vacation or something crazy like that, she loved that time spent together exploring and taking nature adventures. 

I can’t even tell you how much that means to me.

In her eyes I’m her “my unstoppable mom” and that is all that matters. 

Kelly_BloggingMoms_with logo

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What makes you unstoppable? 

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