Celebrating Our Best Friend During National Dog Week

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I’m so happy to announce my partnership with Beneful as part of their #FriendsOfBeneful project.


Rufus is celebrated in our home 365 days a year, but this week we are going all out! Here is how we plan to enjoy national dog week with our best buddy Rufus!

When we started traveling as much as we do now, I was really worried about Rufus. Would he miss us? What is the best place for him….home or at a boarding facility? Would he be sad the whole time we were gone? These concerns were what held us back from traveling more. When we would be away from home, we had our family members stay at our home and take care of Rufus so he never felt alone. Then one time, everyone we would normally watch our home was also gone, so we had to board Rufus. We were so happy to learn that he totally LOVED his vacation. Now when we travel, he goes to his own vacation camp each time. He even runs to the car and jumps in. Once we get there, he struts in like he owns the place. He has become quite the celebrity there!

To start this special week, Pete and I will be picking Rufus up from camp, and then having some fun! I think it is great that the week is starting with him doing something he loves like camp time!

Beneful Dream Dog Parks

After that, each family member has something planned for him. I plan to play some catch with Rufus. Pete will likely spend each afternoon just hanging out with him (with belly rubs of course). 

our dog

The girls are just going to play with him. 

He loves when the kids are outside. He and Em run laps around the house over and over again. Neither of them gets tired of this, and it is usually me that calls them both in when it starts to get dark.

playing with dogs

Rufus is also the best listener. Emmy tells him jokes all the time, and it almost feels like he understands them and laughs along. He is such a good sport and even lets Emmy dress him up. I wonder if he is going to be a Hula-Dog like he was last year for Halloween?

dog costume

Even with all these things planned, I know what Rufus really wants is our time. Much like what kids really want and need, he just wants to be around his family. Dogs are such great companions. They want very little out of life beyond being loved. They will go anywhere with their “people” and will love you no matter what. They will snuggle with you when you are having a bad day, and run laps around your house when you have energy to burn. They really are the best family pet!

happy dog

Because this guy is just a big part of our life, family, and hearts… we take care of him just like he takes care of us. Only the best for our buddy! That includes what we feed him. We want him to love what he eats! According to the 2016 Beneful National Dog Week Survey, 95% of dog owners reported that meal time makes their doggies happy. We totally agree Rufus loves his Beneful! With meat now the #1 ingredient in Beneful’s beef and chicken dry foods, we love it too!


How are you celebrating National Dog Week?

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