Cadbury Creme Eggs Easter Cupcakes

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I love this time of year! Spring has sprung! Flowers are popping up everywhere and I can readily buy creme eggs. Yes, I’m in love with these creamy chocolate goodies!
I love them so much that I wanted to re-create my favorite spring candy and turn it into a cupcake.
You know, white cupcake with a yellow center and chocolate on top. But I wanted to add a little something special, like a mini creme egg.

Like most of my cheater recipes this one doesn’t really require actual instructions… but here is a basic run down.

  1. Follow the direction on your favorite white or yellow cake mix.
  2. Separate a quarter of the batter and dye it bright yellow.


Pour white batter and then add a bit of yellow then top with white again. Bake them for half the time that the box calls for. Now gently plop a mini creme egg into the cupcake and continue baking.

Let them cool and then top them with chocolate frosting… or you can get crazy like I did and use hot pink. Either way they create a huge surprise and big smiley face on all those that eat them!

Heather Reese
the authorHeather Reese
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