Cancun With Kids Day 1

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We set off on a new adventure yesterday! 

After waking up at 3am, we caught an early flight from San Diego to Dallas, and then to Cancun. When we landed, it was just about sunset, and it had started to rain. Everyone apologized for the weather and yet we were so happy.  The rain only added to that happiness. Coming from drought-stricken California, we celebrate the rain, and we all agreed this was a sign that this was going to be an awesome vacation!


The Cancun airport is one of the easiest airports we have been to. Everything is well labeled (in English too) and there are people there to help you every step of the way. Our wait in the immigration line was the longest part of the experience, and that only took about 15 minutes. Not bad at all!


As soon as we walked outside to the ground transportation area, we were immediately greeted by our travel partner Olympus Tours. They had a sign with Ashley’s name on it (which she thought was awesome) and then we were walked over to our waiting van. It was spotless, air-conditioned, and the driver was knowledgeable in everything Cancun! 


During the short ride to our host hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, I asked the driver as many questions as I could fit in about the local cuisine, weather, culture, and everything else I could think of. He made a great ambassador to the area, and made us all even more excited to be there. Transportation was something that I was concerned about since we would be arriving later into the afternoon/evening, and I like to always have it set up way in advance. I was so happy when Olympus Tours contacted us to provide the transportation. Meeting them on the ground reinforced to us that we made the right decision going with them. They were professional, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


It was completely dark outside and the rain was coming down pretty hard as we drove up to the gates at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun. That didn’t stop us all from seeing what an impressive entrance they have!


As soon as our driver pulled up to the front, we were immediately greeted and whisked into the VIP area for registration. 


While Pete and I signed a couple pieces of paper to register and got all of our wristbands, the girls enjoyed some tropical drinks, desserts, and snacks in the VIP lounge. 




This is my Bob Marley. Isn’t it the coolest colored drink?!


As if this wasn’t enough, the Hard Rock Hotel had a surprise for Emmy. Angelina Ballerina stopped by for a meet and greet to personally welcome her to the resort!


She has loved Angelina for years, so this was a very special moment!

We headed up to our room shortly after, and found even more surprises! This was the coolest welcome!


Even though we had all just had snacks moments before, we were happy to have more. The desserts here all have that homemade taste and such unique flavors. Delicious doesn’t even come close to describing how great they are. Oh, and the coffee too. Pete and I both love it. More about that later…


We normally would show off the beautiful accommodations at this point in the story, but since it was dark, we decided to take the pictures tomorrow when we had more light. We are staying in a family deluxe suite, which is two adjoining rooms overlooking the lagoon. The rooms are very nice!


Here is the night view from our balcony. Can you see the guitar shape below? There are a lot of touches like this throughout the resort. 


There is a Dios De Los Muertos celebration planned for today, so last night they had these sweets for us all to enjoy.


We were starving even after all these treats and eats.  I blame the day of travel… but, we were quickly full after having dinner at Zen, the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant on site that is included as part of your all-inclusive experience. 20161101_194438 20161101_194334 20161101_201338

This restaurant is great because the food is really good, and it is more like an experience to enjoy since the chef cooks right in front of you!



The resort is very vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free friendly. We just asked for assistance as we ordered, and they were able to suggest options and also alter the standing menu to address our dietary concerns. Maddie and I were completely stuffed with the vegan options.  Pete, Ash and Emmy loved their vegetarian food. There were even special vegetarian rolls available on the menu without having to make any changes. I would recommend making reservations at this restaurant as it does fill up. There are other options available without reservations too!

Here is a sampling of our dinner:

20161101_203007 20161101_203032 20161101_203905 20161101_204346 20161101_205200 20161101_205403

After dinner, we partied like rock stars…

At least Pete and the older girls did. Emmy and I crashed in the super comfy beds!


Tomorrow we have even more planned! From DJ school, to kid’s club, and a whole lot of pool time! We can’t wait!

Here is our video recap from day 1 in Cancun as a family:

Have you been to Cancun before?

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