Building A Rainy Day Fort – Reese Family Vlog 130 – It's a Lovely Life!
Reese Family Vlog

Building A Rainy Day Fort – Reese Family Vlog 130

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This is Reese Family Vlog 130! Today was an all around rainy day in Southern California. The kids decided to make their own rainy day blanket fort to make the time pass by. We also show you everywhere we've traveled to over the last couple years. It was so fun remembering all the wonderful places we have been.

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Do you collect magnets or anything similar from your trips?

Pete Reese
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  1. Building a fort indoor looks so much fun! I know my son would love this idea. I love collecting fridge magnets and postcards whenever I go travelling. Always keep them as momento!

  2. Great minds think alike- our refrigerator if covered with mementos from our travels too! And I’m going to share your vlog with my 11 year old who is always in search of more fun ways to build indoor forts!

  3. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned blanket fort! My daughter actually collects mugs from everywhere new that we travel.

  4. Looks like so much fun! I like to collect Christmas Ornaments from the places we visit. I have one of the Mayflower from Plymouth Rock, a lighthouse of the Nubble Lighthouse, etc. It’s so nice to look at them and remember the fun memories we made on each trip 🙂

  5. Yes! We always look for magnets on our travels. Our fridge is full of them. I was disappointed in Canada’s Wonderland since they are the only place that I have ever been that didn’t have a magnet specific to their location.

  6. Over the years we’ve collected seashells from many of our trips. Right now they feel like clutter and every time I see that I feel like throwing them in the trash but they just hold so many memories.

  7. I would love to collect things like magnets if we went on more trips I think it would be such a fun idea and keepsakes for the kids!

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