Bring Digital To Real Life With “POTATOYZ” – It's a Lovely Life!

Bring Digital To Real Life With “POTATOYZ”

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Em and I are so excited to be sharing about Potatoyz a really fun new app that turns online play into real life play! This is a sponsored post partnership. POTATOYZ


Emmy is amazing with electronics. When I got my iPad I gave it to her and she had it all figured out in minutes.  I'm amazed at how well she relates to electronics and how much she really enjoys using them.

We try to limit her time using electronics because we want her to have real life fun too, and when we can find something that combines both we go all in!


potatoyzapp for kids potatoyz

Potatoyz is just that. Online and offline fun rolled all together into a really awesome app!

The Potatoyz app is free to download. Once you open the app you are up and playing in seconds. Potatoyz starts as a plain canvas. Kids get to customize and design their own Potatoyz and then play with them on the app. We had intended to order one for Emmy the first time she tried the app… but we didn't end up doing it for another 4 days because she just kept designing more and more of them till she made the perfect one! She had so much fun trying different stickers on them, using their designed ones and creating her own with some freehand drawing. 

When she picked a favorite it was time to order it.  The instructions to order were so easy to follow  that she did it all herself and handed it over to me when it came to the parent part… aka paying. Ours cost $19.99 plus $4.99 shipping. 

About 10 days later her new little friend arrived in our mailbox. I'm not going to lie, the wait was brutal. She started checking the mailbox the same day she ordered it. If I told you she was excited it would be an understatement. 

I took a video of Emmy when she just started using the app and when she got her Potatoyz in the mail.

I think this about sums up how awesome this it!

She has been playing with “Scratchy” (<— she named him this before he even arrived) for days now.

She even plans to give all her friends Potatoyz for their birthdays so that they can customize their own, and then they can have play dates with the kids and their new toys!

I think that's a brilliant idea!

toy from francetoy designed online and shipped to youonline and offline fun toytoys for kids online


Be sure to download the Potatoys app from the Apple App Store!

Are your kids tech savvy too?

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  1. Potatoyz sounds like a fun app & it is always exciting when you have something that turns online play into real life play. The video of Emmy is cute & I can see she is really excited!

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