Einstein Bros. Bagels Shmearfuls Review

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Do you ever get hungry on the go?

We totally do so we are always on the lookout for food that is delicious AND easy to eat, regardless of where we are. 

Last week was packed with appointments. Doctor visits for well-child checks, dentist appointments (yay! no cavities), oil changes- you name it, we got it taken care of over just a couple days. As much as we were thrilled to knock these boring appointments all out at once, we found ourselves spending a lot of time away from home. One morning we stopped for bagels to start our day and found something new at Einstein Bros. Bagels- Shmearfuls!


Oh, my! These are the things of dreams! One bite and we were wondering where they were our whole lives?! 

Shmearfuls are bagel balls (my words, not the official description) stuffed with Einstein Bros. Bagels famous shmear. For a limited time, they come in these 6 different flavor varieties:

  • Plain with plain shmear
  • Everything with plain shmear
  • French Toast with maple shmear
  • Pretzel with beer cheese
  • Jalapeno Cheddar with plain shmear
  • Asiago Parmesan with plain shmear

Not wanting to miss out and have a serious case of FOMO- we ordered an assortment of all the flavors. When we were at the counter and asked which flavors, Emmy proudly said: “we want them all”. She is so my daughter! With the New Dozen Deal available for $9.49, it was an easy decision to get a dozen of them!

Look at that yumminess! 

I can totally see us picking these up for all of our gatherings with our family and friends, after sleepovers, sports events (those early morning soccer games) and so much more!

Be sure to stop by your local Einstein Bros. Bagels ASAP to try the delicious new Shmearfuls!

What is your favorite bagel flavor?

Heather Reese
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  • Those look delicious! Im really into cinnamon bagels at the moment, but its a weird decision with what to have as a topping haha!

  • Sounds delicious. Can’t blame you getting them all. That way you can try each one and see what your favorite one will be.

  • My family loves Einstein Bros. We have one just down the road, and we go there all the time. Their bagels are so, so good. I haven’t found a bagel yet that beats theirs. ALL their food is pretty great, actually.

  • We used to have an Einstein Bros. Sort of nearby. Unfortunately the last time I went to go they were closed!

  • Yum! I’ve never really had bagels. I think this may be a reason to start I wasn’t aware that there were so many flavours! I’d love to try the cheese stuffed one

  • I love Einstein Bagels’ Everything Bagel. It really does have everything and their schmears are so good. We haven’t tried the Schmearfuls yet but I have seen them on the menu and I may have to next time I visit Einstein Bagels.

  • My goodness these are calling my name! I had never heard of them until now. I’m pregnant and now craving these, so thanks for that! haha!

  • I think I’ve been to an Einstein Bros once in the city, a very long time ago! Sounds like you had a great time, and the food looks great!

  • Oh gosh, I haven’t been to Einstein Brothers in forever and now you are making me want to go!! I may have to leave early of rework so I can swing by! YUM!

  • I am THE biggest fan of Einstein Bros. Bagels. I feel like they make the most delicious bagels, so much better than other chain breakfast joints in my town. I love all the variety they have and all the different flavors you can choose from!

  • We just recently go tone of these near us. I have not been yet but your post makes me want to get there tomorrow!

  • We used to eat at this bagel shop every day a few years ago when we lived near one. I miss those bagels! But this product is new I think, I could eat probably half a dozen of these cute shmearfuls!

  • These sound great! I love a good bagel, but I have never heard of these! I definitely would love to try them, they make for a seriously yummy breakfast!

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