Boudin Sourdough French Bread Pizza Appetizer

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Crunchy crust and a chewy dough center topped with buttery cheese, a tangy tomato sauce and bursting with flavor from the fire roasted red bell peppers. That’s what this mighty appetizer packs into one bite! Wow, your dinner guests with this yummy starter!

Last week my oldest and I went to lunch at Boudin. I LOVE their bread and I love their grilled cheese too! When my friend J first introduced me to their Brie, apple and fig jam grilled cheese I was skeptical of the flavors working together. It was the fig jam that through me off. I was so wrong! It was so delicious. Seriously doesn’t that look so good?!

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Back to the sourdough french bread pizza. This is pretty fantastic too! I’m always looking for really easy and tasty appetizers to serve at parties. I love to have my friends and family over for dinner but I also want to enjoy their company and not be stuck in the kitchen cooking the whole time and not get to hang out with them! This solves all my problems… well at least the appetizer at dinner party one.


The cast of characters.

  • French bread
  • mozzarella cheese
  • spaghetti sauce
  • A topping

I’m big into fire roasted red bell peppers. Like, I can’t get enough. I love to hop into Whole Foods and pick up their fresh ones but jarred works well too. You can add any topping you like but it seems to work best when you stick to just one prominent flavor because this is an appetizer and not the main meal. You want to save the layered flavors for the main dish.

Ready to see how easy this is… here we go!


1. Slice the bread in half.


2. Add spaghetti sauce.


3. Add a generous amount of cheese.


4. Add topping and bake at 400 degrees till everything is melted. This is normally less than 8 minutes for me. Watch it carefully because it can cook quickly depending on the topping.


Slice it up into strips and serve it immediately! Yum!


PS. I believe in full disclosure so that you all know if I’m being compensated for posting about brands. I often am compensated although I only agree to work with brands that I really like and I share my real opinions. Having said that, this is not a sponsored post, I was not compensated. This is just me sharing another one of my recipes and my love of grilled cheese sandwiches. Boudin has not compensated me in anyway for this post… but they are welcome to send me a lifetime supply of their grilled cheese sandwiches. I’d be okay with that 🙂

Do you have dinner parties often?

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  • I haven’t hosted a dinner party, but I often help my neighbor cook for it and I join her friends. Both sandwiches look great but the jam I would never think to mix in. Sounds so good. This restaurant is definitely not on the east coast or I would have eaten there.

    • Olivia I hope they come on out East for you soon! I know they are opening more all the time!

  • That looks so good. I need to find this restaurant now, but I don’t think they are in Louisiana.

    • Maybe next time you are traveling you can stop in… or maybe they will open a new one in your area 🙂

  • Wow! That looks super good and easy! The grilled cheese looks pretty amazing as well. I have a weakness for grilled cheese and bread in general!

  • I’ve never heard of or seen Boudin’s, but you got me with that grilled cheese!!
    Thanks for your quick french bread pizza recipe

  • What a delicious and easy to make appetizer! Sounds so good with all the sauce and cheese!

  • My husband loved the fried rice so he started looking on your site and said he wanted me to make this for him! So tonight we are making this!

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