Our Back-To-School Teen Shopping Trip

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Getting my teens ready for back-to-school time is so important to me. I want them to be happy and full of confidence. I’m sharing some skin care tips and how we prepare for this fun time of year in partnership with Clean & Clear®.

Over the years back-to-school shopping has changed so much.

I remember the days when these two were in elementary school and it would take days to get everything they needed to start the year off right. Now they are able to do so much of their shopping online without me that I really look forward to the short amount of time we spend together at the start of each school year buying the rest of their back to school supplies.

Since they were able to find all the clothes that they wanted online, that just left things like paper, pencils, pens and one of the most important things teens shop for, skin care items.

Healthy, happy skin is so important for teen self-confidence.  Even though confidence totally comes from within, there are still things that we parents can do to help our teens feel their best and build up that confidence, especially for those newbie moments, like their first day of school! To help my teens, I make sure that they have the best tools to keep their skin looking great and I encourage them to make other healthy choices like eating right and getting enough sleep. All of these things really help teens and their skin to always be “on” and ready for important moments in life.

With that in mind, we set off to our go-to store, CVS, to pick out everything they need for happy and healthy skin.

Of course, we all stopped for some coffee and tea first! It is these little things, like a fun extra stop during our afternoon shopping extravaganzas that I know they will remember. It was the perfect time to catch up a bit with them and talk about their plans for the year.

Then it was time for SHOPPING! For years I have been the one shopping for them and I always tried to take into account their individual skin care needs when I picked out different products for them. Maddie loves wearing makeup so a cleanser that excels in removing makeup was important to her. Ash works out a lot and washes her face often after workouts so she needs something that doesn’t dry out her skin. Both of them love a little extra help waking up in the morning so I was super happy that they both love that Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser from Clean & Clear® wakes them up and energizes them quickly. I love that the Vitamin C and Ginseng in there also help their skin.

When Maddie and Ash entered their teen years, I naturally went straight to Clean & Clear® for their skin care needs because those were the same products I myself used as a teen. I can’t believe I’m sharing this, but I still use some of the products myself when I get a breakout because I know they work. I also love that they have different products for different skin issues so I can make sure that both girls get the best products from a brand I know and trust.

A big question for me before I started buying my girls specialty skin care was when to start them on a skin care regimen. I love that my instincts were spot on. According to NYC-based dermatologist, Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali I bought them Clean & Clear® products at the perfect time. If you are wondering about this too, here is his advice:

I generally recommend starting a skincare routine once a child exhibits signs of increased oil on the face or acne. The main focus is to “ride the wave” of hormone spikes and the inevitable increased acne. For me, my main goal is to minimize any chance of scarring or anything else that may stick with patients later in life. I recommend starting off with a cleanser like Clean & Clear® Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser every morning – this is a great starter cleanser and then you can build onto the regimen as needed.

The girls both use Morning Burst® Facial Cleanser first thing in the morning and then at night Maddie never goes to sleep without using Makeup Dissolving Facial Cleansing Wipes. She even has me hooked on using them. They are pre-moistened cloths that gently dissolve all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup in one easy step. We also take the travel size wipes with us when we are traveling because they are perfect to use to freshen up on planes and in hotels throughout the day and they don’t dry our skin out.

Those two products have been used in our home for a while, but on this shopping trip, it was cool to see what the girls picked out on their own. Ash was excited to try the Oil Absorbing Sheets! The funny thing is that those are something that I was going to buy too! When we travel to humid climates they would be great to have on hand for me!

My girls are so like me too.

We have no problem paying for quality products, but we love a good deal too. I mean, why pay more when you don’t have to? That is another reason why we LOVE shopping at CVS. Their Extrabucks special offers can save so much money and that means more money for other important things… like lipstick! When you are at CVS, be sure to check out this awesome deal – Spend $20 on Clean & Clear® products, get $5 Extra Bucks through August and the first two weeks of September!

After we got all the skin care we needed, it was time to buy the other things we needed. The girls got notebooks, markers, pencils, pens, paper and more. This totally reminded me of when they were little again. I so wanted to buy them crayons too… and I think they would have humored me if I did, but I resisted. We had such a great time and even though I’m bummed they are growing up so quickly, they are such great almost adults that it is hard to be too sad. The times may be changing, but they are still so fun to be around! I’m looking forward to many more shopping trips like this… even if it is for college and first jobs. I have a feeling no matter how old they get, they will still be happy with mom taking them shopping!

Giveaway Time!

To help you get your teen prepped for back to school, I’m giving away three $10 gift cards to CVS and Clean & Clear® products to three lucky winners! To enter for a chance to win one of these prizes be sure to leave me a comment below!

What do you do to help your teens prep for back-to-school?

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  • Back to school shopping is so important for teens! I remember when I was that age, it felt like if my shopping for the new year went well that I would have a good year. Looking back now, I can only imagine the stress that must have put on my mom! >_<

  • I try to lay back as much as I can and let them get there own things so they feel more excited about what they are doing.Only really offer my opinion if something just doesn’t seem right. It is very interesting to see their thought process on what they think they need and why.

  • I definitely need to get some for my daughter. I was hoping she would have my skin which almost never suffered from blemishes. But nope – poor kid.

  • We let her pick the places and make the lists. She’s very organized , much more so than I am even now. her skin is starting to become a problem for her.

  • I discuss with her , her plans before we go but when at the stores I just give her the money and let her do it. She really tries to shop “like a grown up ” and it does give her a sense of accomplishment to get her own supplies by herself.

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