Disney’s BoardWalk Inn – Sonora Suite Room Tour and Club Level Review

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Last year we had a really awesome surprise when we checked into Disney’s BoardWalk Inn.

Our stay and Disney vacation was very last minute so we were totally bummed when our usual go-to hotels, Disney’s Beach and Yacht Clubs were completely booked up. We really enjoy staying in this area because the kids love to be able to go into Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios while Pete and I get some work done during the day. These resorts have the easiest access. 

Looking back, like I often do, this turned out to be a real blessing in disguise. We love staying in the club level rooms and there were two rooms left for us to book on the days we would be in Orlando. Totally a sign right?

After I did a little research, I realized that the BoardWalk was just as convenient as the other resorts in the area so we were all happy and excited about our visit.

When we checked in, we went to the main lobby area and waited just a couple of moments to be checked-in. The sweet cast member helping me was so excited the whole time he was speaking to me. He mentioned that he had called the club-level concierge to welcome us and that someone would be meeting us soon and that we really could have just gone straight to the special club check-in area if we wanted next time. 

Then he mentioned that our room was all ready even though we were a bit early. I questioned him when he said there was just one room on our reservation since I had booked two rooms, but he just got more excited and told me not to worry, and handed me the key.

The club area is within the hotel and you have all of the amenities that come with staying at the resort plus access to the club lounge. Throughout the day there were snacks and heavy appetizers in the evening, followed by sweet treats later at night. Each night the evening food was from a different restaurant on the boardwalk. If we were not vegetarian and vegan we could have made this our dinner. The food was awesome and there was plenty of it. We, however, love enjoying all the restaurants around the parks and resorts so we just snacked there. 

We did take advantage of the available fruit and drinks. From coffee to bottles of water and soda, we never had to buy anything to drink the whole time we were there. It was super convenient to just stop in and grab a drink or get a snack as needed. We also used the espresso machine and Emmy loved the fruit juice that was also available.

I almost forgot the continental breakfast in the mornings and the cordials in the evening. I was really surprised by just how much was offered in the lounge. We often opt for lounge access rooms at hotels and this was one of the best ones we have experienced.

Before I show you our room, I also want to share a bit more about the club desk that was manned by a magic maker. Totally my own name for them, but they really are magic. From helping to get reservations to being a wealth of info, they are the go-to people that help elevate your stay.

The day before we left we got back to our room and realized that one of our girls lost their phone in one of the parks. We called the concierge at the club desk and asked how to contact lost and found. Knowing that we had dinner reservations in just a bit, he said to leave it to him and that if it was findable, he would be the one to do it!

Sure enough, we got back to our room last night and found the phone on our table with a note and a bunch of stickers arranged to look like Mickey Mouse. The phone was also fully charged and had had quite the adventure we later learned. We had given a little overview of where we had been to the concierge. He then used it to call all throughout the park, finding the phone. Then he had the phone sent to a safe place where he had yet another person retrieve it and bring it back to his desk. He then noticed that it was almost completely out of power so he arranged for a charger for the phone and had it charged in time to have it waiting for us.

Disney treats all of their guests in magical ways, but we could feel the club level “above and beyond” during this stay!

Then it was time to see our “room”. We were already loving our time here and the best was yet to come. With our room keys in hand, we were directed instead of with a number, we were given a room name. This should have been a sign, but I was in Disney heaven and not really paying attention. The next sign was that our room had double doors. You all know that double doors at a hotel are a very good sign too! But I still didn’t realize our friends at Disney had surprised us with an amazing upgrade. 

We would be staying in the famous Sonora Suite!

Here is a look at this amazing Disney World Suite with a master bedroom, a separate bedroom with two queen beds, two full bathrooms (the master bathroom was practically the size of a whole room itself), a butlers pantry, a private half bath, a family room, and a dining room. The whole suite was lined with a balcony overlooking the boardwalk and water too.

Main room:

Butler’s Pantry:

Half Bathroom:

Kid’s bedroom and bathroom:

View off the balconies:

Master bedroom and bathroom:

You can see our balcony from below and also see just how gorgeous it is at night too!

We would absolutely stay again at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn and for sure book club-level rooms for access to the Innkeepers Lounge.

It was a fantastic stay!

The surprise suite was over the top amazing and a real memory maker for us! Special thanks to Disney for making our trip even more magical!

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